Chiefs Numero Uno!

October 22, 2007

GoChiefsI would have never thought it a month ago, but our very own, home state, Kansas City Chiefs are NUMBER ONE in the Western Division of the National Tackle Football League! I’m not sure how long this will last, so I say celebrate now!

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Congrats KC. My team, Cowboys, are #1 in the NFC. Yeehaww. Im looking forward to the Colts vs Patriots game. GO COLTS…

Don Jones

Even though it was a low scoring affair yesterday, the Chiefs vs. Raiders was pretty entertaining. I enjoy the camera pans into the “black hole.”

Dennis Jones

…I didn’t get to see the game… how did Priest Holmes look?

Don Jones

He was in there for about 3 or 4 plays. Just not enough action for me to get a clear picture of his status.

Dennis Jones

…did you see the highlight of Randy Moss catching the pass with his shoulder? …very impressive…

Doug Jones

Titans couldn’t get into the end zone… but Rob Bironas fired in 8 field goals. Whoever had him on their fantasy football team really hit the jackpot last week.

Dennis Jones

…since the Colts played on Monday night this week, they showed the Titans game here on Sunday… Bironas has a pretty interesting story…

Jason Bourne

I really don’t like the new rule against spiking the ball… Its going too far. What next?


Oh, I guess it’s time for Football season isn’t it. Go Niners!

Don Jones

Since you didn’t ask, I will go ahead and give the AWFFL status… PHLEGM WIN! But, we did take a major hit with the Numero Uno RB Ronnie Brown tearing his ACL. Loser. He still has one good leg to run on.


How many responses do we have to get before we get a new blog entry? At least 10 by my count.

Jason Bourne

Here is 11. I can’t believe it will be November. Where does the time go?

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