August 27, 2007


I’m still experimenting with coloring my sketchbook drawings with Photoshop. I’m trying to achieve a look that retains my pencil sketch and is not overworked with color. This one got pretty close to what I’m trying to accomplish.

The Comments

Don Jones

Excelencia, calidad, prestancia!


That is interesting. He looks like he came right out of a animated caroon. Radical!!


I must concur with Bro. N.H. there. I’m a tad concerned about them there front legs. looks like they could snap at any moment!

Doug Jones

Although they may look fragile… I know for a fact that Dennis uses only the strongest combination of Kevlar and carbon steel on his doggie legs.

Dennis Jones

…that’s right, Dogger… I mean, Douger…

Don Jones

Nothin’ beats dog blogs.

Doug Jones

swanky dog blogs

Don Jones

swanky radical dog blogs…

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