December 12, 2007


Little brother Don’s comment on yesterday’s post…

“I drew Dougs name for Christmas. Den, fix me up with something REAL nice for Douger.”

…cha CHING!

The Comments

Don Jones

He is going to absolutely love this little gift on the official Brother Jones Star registry.

Dennis Jones

…let’s keep this secret ‘till Christmas so Doug will be really surprised!

Jason Bourne

Neato freto! Most exuberant! Spalacious and excellenta! I need to learn how to do that.

Doug Jones

….huh… wha…? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..

Doug Jones

I am listening to Christmas music on the radio as I work… IF I HEAR KENNY G ONE MORE TIME… I AM GOING BESERK!!!

Don Jones

The correct phrase is more like, “I’M GONNA PUKE!!” We’re already beserk.

Dennis Jones

…I’ll tell ya what you need to dial up to get into the Christmas mood, Doug… a little DENNY G and the WeaselBoys…

Jason Bourne

And watch those Christmas stop motion animated TV shows… Can’t go wrong there.

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