Dragon Sketch

February 6, 2008


This was a quick color study I did last night. I put a bunch of miscellaneous color on this picture and then used the color picker to select the different hues and work them up from dark to light. In the process I got some interesting color variations on the dragon.

The Comments

Doug Jones

WOW… I almost followed that! You seem to have lots of time for fun stuff… we were busy dodging tornadios… yes, I said tornadios…

Dan Lietha

Thanks for sharing the many studies and sketches with your web audience. It’s my “coffee” each morning before I hit the drawing board. Is it possible to take it up a few notches (a triple espresso in this case) and record a video podcast that walks us through your sketches as they are produced. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:
Check out the last example given, which is the Tom Cruise caricature. Great stuff! Just think of the inspiration you could give your audience by letting them WATCH and LISTEN to you draw and paint. I’d even BUY a DVD of such a thing! So what do ya say, Dennis? Can you make a dream come true? 🙂

Jason Bourne

That is one cool dragon!  The eyes are “eye catching”.

Dennis Jones

…hey Dan… that Joe Bluhm is one fabulous artist… unfortunately, I’m not tech savvy enough to know how to make a video for the internet…

Dan Lietha

Let there be Tech-savvyness!

How – http://danidraws.com/2007/05/25/record-your-art/

What – http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox/

You have the Who, When, Where, and Why. 🙂

Dennis Jones

…hmmm… well, I sent an email to our web master, Keegan, and asked him if video was possible for Brother Jones… I’ll let ya know what I find out…

Doug Jones

Dan… thanks for that link to Joe’s podcast. His work is incredible! Ho chee mama! None of us are very tech-savvy. I only recenly discovered that I can video something with my digital camera and put it on YouTube. Den… if you can’t put video on this page you can always put a link to YouTube. ‘scuse me now, I have to go borrow some fire from the guy two caves down from me….

Dennis Jones

…YouTube??? HooCheeMAMAwhat’s that?

Doug Jones

Den… I think your Photoshop painting skills are coming along real good now…

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