EndOfTheYear Blowout Special!

December 11, 2007


That’s right folks, we are smack dab in the middle of the 1st Annual Brother Jones, Every Things Has Gotta Go, End Of The Year, BLOWOUT SPECIAL!!! …(extra exclamation points for excitement!!!)

I’m opening the door to my computers experimental art folder and if there’s a crummy piece of artwork in there that has never seen the light of day, I’m posting it on Brother Jones this week NO MATTER HOW BAD IT IS! We’re blowing them right out the door…. and a lot of these really do blow! Everyday, something new, while supplies last! Look fast, because tomorrow these dogs may be gone forever!

The Comments

Don Jones

Admire before 8 a.m. and get another 10% OFF!!

Dennis Jones

Wow! I didn’t know we were doing that! This is even better than I thought!

Don Jones

Use your Brother Jones VISA and TAKE yet ANOTHER 10% OFF!

Dennis Jones

…needing a unique Christmas gift idea? Name a piece of crummy Dennis Jones digital art after a loved one… we will put your loved ones name in our custom name registry and send you a fabulous certificate that you can give to that special person to let them know how truly special they are to you…
truly the gift that keeps on giving…

Doug Jones

dang… wish I had thought of that idea!

Dennis Jones

…well Doug, it’s not too late for you to purchase an art name for a loved one… I can get one all set up for you, no problem…

Jason Bourne

YES! This is the way to go out. Cats and dogs and lilly frogs… Keep’em coming!

Don Jones

I drew Doug’s name for Christmas. Den, fix me up with something REAL nice for Douger.

Doug Jones

maybe I can do the same kind of blowout thing next week… but it would have to be scribbles I retrieve outta the trash can…. wonder if I can get a registry goin for a name on a piece of trash…

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