Granos De Cafe’

March 29, 2007


…mmm… a fresh bag of coffee beans…


…uhm… what’s this thing supposed to be?

One of my wife’s students just returned from Honduras with a bag of coffee for her… which means one of my wife’s students just returned from Honduras with a bag of coffee for ME! …hoo HOO!

The tag on the bag said these coffee cherries were hand picked, peeled, washed and clarified with pure mountain water by a centuries old process. The wet beans then dry on the patios of small growers, are sent to a 400 year old colonial town in Western Honduras and finally… and this is my favorite part… quoting the tag… “only the finest beans are selected by delicate women’s hands”.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Comments

Dan Lietha

So, the theme of stuff to drink and an image of a weird mutation continues.

Doug Jones

The note on my coffee says it was harvested and prepared by heartless machines. Another great creature! Looks like a fierce coffee bull, protecting those delicate ladies. You are building up quite a collection of these…

Don Jones

I’m headed to Honduras!

Dennis Jones

…I wandered into our local coffee shop around 5:30 pm on Tuesday, had some sort of double shot coffee drink and surfed the internet for awhile… went to bed around 11:00… woke up just after midnight wide awake… around 1:00 I went downstairs, turned on the tv and started working on a mutant sock monkey… went back to bed around 4:00…

…note to self… no more coffee late in the after noon…

Doug Jones

I wondered where you got all your free time. now I know…

Dennis Jones

…yep… watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the 47th time and made a mutant sock monkey to boot…

Don Jones

Where exactly in Honduras do I pick up a bag-O-beans such as these?

Doug Jones

I watched a DVD from the library of that movie a couple years ago. It had bonus features of the stars talking about making the movie. I have seen Redford and Newman a lot and was used to seeing them older… BUT seeing an old Katharine Ross about killed me.

Dennis Jones

..fortunately for me I don’t look a day over 20…

Don Jones

Dennis, your last comment got cut off. You don’t look a day over 2086.

Don Jones

As the ol’ rotating banner reads… COFFEE! You can sleep when you’re dead.


Did someone say COFFEE!

Dennis Jones

…yikes… ok now… everybody… let’s all just try to stay calm here… Juan… I want you to sit the cup down on the table there… and back slowly away from the coffee pot… Don, Doug… get the net ready… does anybody know the number for 911?

Don Jones

Looks like Juan needs to hitch up his donkey and head to rehab.


I think he looks kind of Homer Simpsonish’ if you look past the horns.. Btw, I think it was the Double Shot not just the coffee that did you in..

Dennis Jones

…he does kinda resemble Homer… those horns are actually the first set of arms I made for the thing… but they turned out way to big… so I sewed them to the sides of its head…


Dennis, go back and drink some more of that double shot Bean Martin Coffee and give us some art!!!!!

Dennis Jones

…I’ve got this weird kind of situation going as far as showing artwork on the internet… I am really, really busy right now and doing some really cool art stuff that I would love to show, but I can’t show it before the publishers have a chance to publish it, so I can only show art I do on my own in my spare time, but I have no spare time because I am so busy right now so I have nothing I can show…


So we’re stuck with mutant sockmonkeys in the meantime? Oh well, at least they’re cool mutant sockmonkeys. I love his teeth made out of buttons.

Dennis Jones

…let’s not think of it as being “stuck” with mutant sock monkeys… for the time being, let’s think of it as being blessed with mutant sock monkeys…

Doug Jones

…the Blessed Mutant Holey Sock Monkey… an Easter miracle!


Yes, I think you’re right Dennis. Don’t taunt the Super Mutant Sock Monkey.

Dennis Jones

…if anyone can remember the old Star Trek episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles”… that’s what my house is turning into with these things…

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