Hoisting The Cup… Again!

July 24, 2007


After winning the league hockey championship last summer I decided to go out on a high note and quit playing. I’m too old to be competing against twenty year olds. Then my youngest son, Pete, came home from college for the summer and we both signed up to play together on a “house” hockey team.

No one expects much from the “house” hockey team because it’s basically made up of miscellaneous odds and ends of players that couldn’t hook onto real teams. Of course, this team now had Pete and the “Big Weeze” on it.

The league tournament was last friday night and, low and behold, our little “house” team made it all the way to the championship game. Pete scored the first goal of the game, but then the opposing team took a three goal lead. Our shoulders drooped as we resigned ourselves to certain defeat, but not Pete. He went out and immediately scored a goal, and then another, and all of a sudden we were only down by one with a lot of game left. We took the lead and won the game.

The Big Weeze… a hockey champion for the second year in a row! …HooHOO!

The Comments



Doug Jones

🙂  They always say the odds are in favor of the house. They must be right. Have a great trip!

Dennis Jones


Don Jones

Den, you might need to check the levels of bilirubin in your blood… Your skin tone appears quite yellow and I don’t think it’s my monitor. Have Dr. Karen run some tests.

Dennis Jones

…oh, I’m just a little winded in this picture… those trophies are pretty heavy when you try to hold them over your head…

Doug Jones

Is that VP Cheney behind you? Hope he didn’t bring his shotgun to the game…

Don Jones

I can tell Peter is really proud of his Pops. On second thought, maybe he’s just looking forward to the post game Orange Freeze deal.

Dennis Jones

…funny you should bring up the orange freeze, Don… here are the actual emails Pete and I sent back and forth to each other the day of the game…

Pete Jones…
T-5 hours till takeoff…. I’m going to play as hard as I can tonight, I might give it all in the first game

Dennis Jones…
I usually give it my all on the very first shift and then I have nothing left for the rest of the game…

Pete Jones…
The first shift?!?!?!? I didnt know you could last that long…. I thought it was more like the first stumble up the rink where you exert more speed than the Flash and transfer all your energy into me when you can’t stop and nearly send me to the ground like last week…. guess I underestimate you Queeson Big Weeze…. the first shift (if you are on our team) could last anywhere from a third to an entire period, we’ll see how you hold up…. don’t send me any pansy passes man!!! just watch, you’ll probably rocket them past me now and make me waste all my energy skating for a puck that will be snatched from me at the last second…. if you and I break out (like last week where I passed it off to you at the last minute and you squeeked) I suggest you screen the goalie and I put it between your legs… -weezehopper

Dennis Jones…
…ok, let’s get on the same page for tonight’s game …if I wink at you, that means a pass is coming your way… or something is in my eye… if I start waving my hand wildly in the air it means I’m open… or a bug is flying around my head and I’m trying to shoo it away…

Pete Jones…
Sounds good, if I say anything to you, it means Im mad…. if I pass you the puck, it means I’ve given up on trying to win….

Dennis Jones…
…I think that’s a pretty good game plan on your part…

Pete Jones…
You’re kind of like a Rudy….. hahahahahahah…. just kidding… goals don’t score themselves, you are a good player pops, you know Im always just giving you a hard time…. hopefully we will have some good highlights tonight…. either way, at least there is a strawberry shake awaiting me……

Dennis Jones…
…the post game orange freeze is always the highlight of the game for me!

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