Home For The Summer

June 7, 2007


…mom in a head lock…


…took over basement…


…vandalized work table…

My youngest son, Pete, is home from college. He will be doing an internship this summer with a company here in town. He’s only been home for a couple of weeks, but he’s already taken over the basement, strung up lights and turned it into his own private recording studio. He puts his mother in head locks when she tries to give him motherly advice and leaves messages for me on the work bench with spray paint.

He must take after his mother.

The Comments

Doug Jones

… kids these days… what can I say?

Doug Jones

Hey… Don’s Skaggs page has been up sooo long the comments section closed…

Dennis Jones

…good to see he’s taking his job as Official Brother Jones Opening Page Greeter seriously…

Don Jones

I did sort of feel bad about Ricky’s overextended stay but I just ignored the old blog for a couple of days and VOILA! it then turned into a week. Sort of like the weeds I ignore in our flower beds. I’m confident thousands of our visitors enjoyed those pictures… each and every day.

Dennis Jones

…hey, we bought you that little blue store greeter vest because we expect you to be on the job every day, rain or shine, greeting our valued internet guests with a friendly “hello” and a fresh web page to look at… if you don’t get your act together soon we might have to take away your smiley face button…

Doug Jones

can I be the official greeter now? I’m getting tired of stocking the shelves…

Don Jones

Doesn’t your page go “live” on the third shift Doug? Around midnight or so I was thinking… Perhaps we should add complimentary hand sanitizer for our visitors on my blog site.

Dennis Jones

…we match all of our internet competitors prices here at Brother Jones… just bring one of their coupons in to our service desk for the match… with Don up front working as greeter and Doug stocking shelves, I’ve been stranded here running the customer service desk for months now, so believe me, I’d be happy to put a match to the competitors coupons for you…

Don Jones

“We sell for less ‘cause it’s made in Bangladesh!” Our Uncle Melvin coined that phrase.

Dennis Jones

…we use it as the catch phrase on the big neon Brother Jones sign that hangs in front of our Corporate Headquarters…

Don Jones

Seeing Peter’s Basement Studio has got me pumped. Is he taking bookings for recordin’ sessions? Have him check this site out… songpull.com

Dennis Jones

…hey Don, why dont you get that Keegan character to build some sort of dealie into our sight where we can upload our own custom music mp3’s to entertain each other with…

Don Jones

That’s what Pure Volume is for… our non-franchised Brother Jones musical group sites.


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