March 7, 2008


Man, I don’t know if it’s AlGore’s global warming or what, but the horseflies up here this season are just huge… and biters to boot…

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Swanky! He drank too much coffee.

Doug Jones

Love them stains on your knee… I usually wear mine on my shirt so folks can see them better… Awesome critter… I want to come see your zoo whenever it opens… And congrats to Don for trash talking the Patriots for a solid two weeks! woo…

Dennis Jones

…I’m trying harder to look like a professional so I made sure today I found a shirt with coffee stains on it that matched my pants…

…I guess Don really, REALLY doesn’t like them patriots… (small “p” on patriots for added insult to them) …I’ve been trying to make up for his lack of posts by posting every single day here… I’ll post anything… all I need is a picture and a sentence and I’m good to go… next week I’m going to post my current favorite snack foods…

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