Little Blue

June 20, 2007


…sit, Blue, sit… good boy…


…roll over, Blue, roll over… atta boy… good job…


…whoa, come back here, Blue… uhm… good dog…

I got a new dog. I’m teaching him some tricks. He’s really smart. I think he has a diploma from SMSU. The good thing about Little Blue is that he’s such a low maintenance dog… which is pretty much what I’m looking for at this point in life.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I like that wooly texture on old Blue. He must have eaten a lot of that cheap, Chinese dog food to round off his teeth like that… How many hours did it take to make him?

Don Jones

I’d trade our high maintenance Lola on this little feller in a snap! I like that hot pink tongue.

Keegan Jones

Seriously, that is awesome. I’d buy one. Time to open up the Brother Jones chinese manufacturing plant.

Don Jones

I don’t think that is made out of socks. I suspect your lovely wife is missing a sweater or something.

Dennis Jones

…hey, I’m checking in from Grand Rapids, Michigan… NickJonesEverybody was up here filming some big hooha, so I drove up to see him and let him fix my laptop which I had kinda messed up… I also let him set up some FTP software I needed and then let him show me how it worked… after that I let him buy me dinner… and let him share his hotel room with me… man, when is that kid going to quit depending on me for everything…

Don Jones

That made me laugh… The Jones Brothers are pathetic… thankyouverymuch.

Doug Jones

It seems that the next generation Joneses are the Geek Squad for BrotherJones. it’s a good thing…

Don Jones

That is a correct analysis Ouglas. I am happy to report I lost my keys at work yesterday… After about an hour of searching i found them in an upper cabinet where I keep paper and books. Can you say early signs of dementia?

From the dementia website: Things to look for: Memory loss- Repeating the same thing over and over- Difficulty naming items- Losing things or getting lost more often (DING DING DING… we have a winner!) You may also see changes in the way they behave. These changes may become more pronounced with time. Your loved one may have a hard time with other tasks: Using the phone (I can’t figure them out anymore) Dressing appropriately ( I wear plaid and stripes together… is this a problem?) Planning or preparing meals (I have SlimFast with Ho Ho’s) Playing a game (You already know about my golf game…)

Dennis Jones

…I’m back from Michigan… while there I noticed a fabric store having a sale and found the thread I use for sock animals on sale for half price so I got five spools and went to the checkout counter where the lady says, “what do you do with all this upholstery thread?” and I said, “I sew up animals” and she said, “well, I guess you need pretty strong thread to do that”…

Don Jones

She thought you were a vet.

Doug Jones

Dennis fought in the big war…

Dennis Jones

…then I wandered into the Salvation Army Store across the street and asked the lady in there if they had any socks… she glanced around the store once and said, “I don’t know… I don’t work here”…

Don Jones

I’m telling you all, it’s dementia setting in.
I’m telling you all, it’s dementia setting in.

Dennis Jones

…then I went into a comic shop and found a comic I kinda liked but had never heard of before so I asked the guy running the store if he knew anything about this new comic and he said, “only that I don’t care for it at all”… oh… thanks so much for your help…


Did the Salvation Army Store have any ties? Great dogie btw, but does it prove you’ve been watching too many episodes of Blue’s Clues?


I think we will someday see Dennis Jones Sock animals on Antique Roadshow.. This one will be from his “Blue Period” HA!

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