Loading Sketchbook Pages

February 20, 2008


I have stumbled onto something that is really working for me. I have always been one to snatch ten minutes at lunch or thirty minutes at the end of my work day or the wasted time I spend in front of the TV at night to make something, build something or draw something.

I’ve been doing a lot of digital painting lately on this “borrowed” time. Since I am mainly just trying to get my digital painting chops down, I don’t want to waste a lot of time coming up with an idea to paint, drawing that idea out and then finally painting… by the time I do all that other stuff I am either out of time or have lost interest. When I want to paint, I want to paint NOW… so this is what I’ve done.

I loaded a bunch of pages from my sketchbook onto my computer. Now when I have a bit of time to paint I snag one of those pages, crop out one of the pictures and begin painting immediately. It’s not like I’ve discovered anything new, it’s just that this efficient little process is really working for me. It’s also fun to see images that are hidden in my sketchbooks take on life when they are fleshed out with color.

The Comments

Terry Elliott

Hey Dennis, I’m new to digital painting. Heck, I’ve actually skipped over the real painting part all together. Anyway, in Photoshop, do you have a lot of layers going on—as opposed to just a few or none? Love your style and just thought I’d ask. Thanks!

Doug Jones

hey, I really like the look of that helmet… with the underpainting color peeking out. Looks like we may be getting close to seeing a Denney Tutorial on PS painting, right?

Otto Meza

It’s nice. Are you using a Wacom tablet?

Jason Bourne

Man thats groovy. Space pilot ready to take on the aliens…

Dennis Jones

…Otto, yes, I use a Wacom 6X8 Intuos tablet…

…Terry, I just recently (last week) came to the realization that if I could just get this computer painting thing down I could probably do better work faster than I can with traditional media… so at this point I dont really have a set game plan figured out for how to attack a painting… in fact, I seem to forget the things that work right after I do them…

…Yesterday I was piddling around with the flow and opacity settings on my brush, and suddenly nothing was working right anymore so I was going to reset the brush to where it was before when it was kinda working for me but I couldn’t remember what those settings were…

…So anyway, (to answer your question) I’m working on several layers, but I’m trying to pear things down to a more simple approach… and, Doug, if I get something down that kinda works for me every time I’ll post up a tutorial on it…

Terry Elliott

Thanks for the quick response, Dennis. I know exactly what you mean about changing this opacity and that method and so on and so on. Then, just when you think you’ve hit a good stride, you forget how you got there. I’ve got it down to one layer for the face, one for the hair, one for the eyes, and one for the background. I think. Anyway, looking forward to the tutorial!

Don Jones

I am forecasting a down turn in the qouche market.

Otto Meza

we will appreciate a tutorial or maybe tutorial boock….

Doug Jones

yes, yes… a boock….

Doug Jones

with chapters and verses… so we can quote you! :0)

Dennis Jones

…yes I can see it now …something similar in style to the KJV (King James Version)…
…we’ll call it the DJV (Dennis Jones Version)…

Jason Bourne

Build a theme park next…

Doug Jones

…and thou shalt use the number 12 brush. And it’s opacity setting shall be 30%… not 35% nor 25%… nay, it shall be 30% only. And this shall be a lasting setting for you and you family for generations to come.    1Dennis 3:16

Dennis Jones

…Genesis, Exodus, LeDenniscus, Numbers…

Doug Jones


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