Mower Problems

April 26, 2007


…what else can go wrong…

Mowing season began for me last Saturday. I got the big riding mower out, gassed it up, and took off. I had my headphones on and was really enjoying riding around in the yard… until the blades quit working on the mower. I jumped off the tractor, looked at the deck and quickly diagnosed exactly what the problem was… something was broken.

I had one of two options. I could call someone to come to my house and fix the mower. This option would cost $88.00 up front just for them to drive to my house and look at the mower plus whatever the cost of fixing the mower would be. The other option was to fix it myself. The second option wasn’t really an option, so I decided to bite the bullet and have someone come to my house and fix my stupid mower.

The guy came to my house, looked at my mower, and said, “I cant fix that.” I had broken a brace that was attached to the deck. He gave me one of two options. Option One, replace the entire deck for $1220.51 or, Option Two, replace just the deck shell and scavenge parts from the broken deck for $709.41. Then he said, “this is what I would do if I were you. Take the deck off, take it to a welding shop, have them beat that brace back into position, weld it and add more metal to it for better support. That will be a lot cheaper than this will be.”

I took the deck to a local welder. Two hours later I picked it up, brought it home, put it back on and mowed the rest of my yard. It worked perfectly. The cost of getting my mower fixed at the welding shop? Twenty dollars.

The Comments

Doug Jones

you win. My mower quit while mowing the front yard. Tried every trick I knew but it would not start again. Had to borrow a truck and take it to the shop. A new carburetor at $272 fixed it. ouch.

Don Jones

Reminds me of one of my earlier riders… A cheap Wal-Mart Murray mower to be exact. The blade housing was made of high quality aluminum foil. After bending the housing into the blades for the millionth time, I too took that bad boy in and had some STEEL welded to the front end. It not only mowed but it GRADED the yard as well. Goodbye mole holes! Hello fresh turned dirt.

Dennis Jones

…the best lawn mowing gear I ever got was a set of Bose noise reduction headphones…


Best lawnmowing gear I ever got was a motivated wife..

Don Jones

Jeff… you’re a lucky man.


No, just afraid,, she owns a chainsaw as well.

Doug Jones

so… with them headphones, can you listen to music while you mow and they block out the mower noise?

Dennis Jones

…yep… music, radio, no mower noise… put on your sunglasses and a hat and the riding mower turns into a little island paradise on a sea of green… I personally like to steer with one hand and sip a tropical drink with one of those little umbrellas in it with the other…


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