Mr. Moogles

November 5, 2007


I hope everyone enjoyed that extra hour of sleep this weekend because you will need a rested brain for CONTEST WEEK AT BROTHER JONES!!!

#1 Has anyone ever seen Mr. Moogles before?

#2 What does this mystery picture mean?

The correct answer could win you a FABULOUS prize!

The Comments

Don Jones

#1 – No

#2 – “My deodorant is really strong.”

Nick Jones Everybody

All I can say is I hope Mr. Moogles is ready to travel, cause he might end up in my suitcase when I come home at Thanksgiving.

Jason Bourne

Moogles reminds me of Gizmo… Don’t feed him after midnight.


#1] unfortunately, no. Although I have seen similar menagerie of creatures from you before.

2] This mystery picture means that bro. Dennis has been mightily experimenting with his sock creatures of late. The animatronic armatures need only a computerized brain, and the ability to produce more of itself, and they will take over the world! (cue mad scientist laughter here)

If I win this contest, do I win one of your funtabulous creations?

Dennis Jones

…Mr. Moogles might very well end up in a suitcase at Thanksgiving, but since he’s sporting quasi-LSU colors, I’m not so sure it will be yours, Nick…

Dennis Jones

…RobalLOO, that was a very fine guess… it was almost entirely correct except for the part about the mad scientist laughter… that was completely wrong… other than that, an excellent response… except, of course, for the other parts of your answer that were completely wrong, too…

Doug Jones

I like turtles

Don Jones

Mr. Moogles displaying his LSU Cajun induced “Mo-Jo”…

Doug Jones

hey… is it odd that Manning put his helmet back on after the game? Is this usual for him? I just found it a bit odd….

Don Jones

I think he is self conscience about his helmet hair.

Dennis Jones

…I know I would be…

Jason Bourne

I’m sure the Colts will stop the Patriots on the next meeting.

Doug Jones

I see NO new contest HERE either… what gives? I wanna new contest!

Dennis Jones

..hey, man… no one has won this one yet…

Doug Jones

I may already be a weinner!

Dennis Jones

…I’ll second that!

Don Jones

#1 I saw Mr. Moogles last night up at the 7-11 buying RedBull and M&Ms.

#2 The picture simply means Dennis has completely lost his mind and is mixing business with pleasure.

Do I win?

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