My Weekend Painting Projects

April 9, 2007


…a weekend portrait…


…and a marvel in Brother Jones engineering…

Over the weekend I had some time to piddle around on my Wacom Tablet and did this little portrait. Things are still pretty out of control for me when I try to paint things digitally. Who knows what it will look like when it’s done?

That’s pretty much how my house painting skills go, too… out of control and who knows what it will look like when it’s done? I painted the walls on our stairway this weekend. In an amazing feat of Brother Jones engineering, I constructed a platform in order to use a ladder on the stairs.

My wife walked by as I was painting, looked at me wobbling around on the ladder which was being supported by the rickety contraption I had made and said, “Don’t fall…” (which made me feel good) ”…because I have a cake in the oven.” (which made me feel a little less good)… until I remembered that I was going to get to eat the cake later. This made me feel good all over again.

The Comments

Don Jones

That’s genuine paintin’ ingenuity there Den… It’s the Brother Jones Elevatin’ Ladder Paintin’ Platform featuring the patented 2-legged scrap wood stablizer.

Doug Jones

I think that guy above is a bit concerned for your safety…


I’M a bit concerned for your safety!


That might give the Little Giant Ladder system a run for its money.. You might try a catchy name like “Spinal Fusion Scaffold”

Dennis Jones

…maybe I could work out some sort of sponsorship with the medical community… this devise would surely keep business headed their way…

Don Jones

Doug could use this contraption to climb up that tree and take care of that T.P. problemo.


This image is why we the readers kindly ask those at Bro. Jones headquarters to please keep their painting to more easel oriented type assignments. Thank you.

Dennis Jones

…we here at Brother Jones Headquarters would be happy to do that, robalLOO… if we only knew what that meant…

Dennis Jones

…after much thought and contemplation I believe I now understand robalLOO’s post… paint pictures, not walls… I couldn’t agree more… I will be passing that message on to my wife along with robalLOO’s phone number …the next time she tries to put me to work painting walls, robalLOO can explain to her why I really shouldn’t be doing that…

Doug Jones

freshly painted walls are SOOO over-rated


That would be more of a safety risk than your “ladder”..A wife can inflict much more damage than falling down stairs.

McNair Wilson

Two questions: 1. How was the cake?

2. Did you sign the wall and will their be limited edition lithos of key sections of the wall available through the Jones Shop?

okay, three… 3. Did you say to your wife (when she said “I have a cake in the oven.”), “Don’t burn it.” ?

Dennis Jones

1) …excellent!

2) …no need to sign the walls… when people see the lumpy dried paint drips and the paint that is now all over the ceiling, they will know exactly who’s responsible for painting the walls.

3) …like all smart husbands, I kept my thoughts to myself…

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