Pencil ‘n Photoshop

March 6, 2008


Not much to say here… just another one of my scribbles. When I initially drew this I lost interest in trying to pencil the entire creature out, so I punted and moved on to another subject. Later, I was looking thru my sketchbook and decided this guy had an interesting face, so I worked it up…

The Comments

Don Jones

What size of tablet are you using, Den? I really think you’ve got this digital deal down.

Dennis Jones

…Wacom Tablet? …a 6X8 Intuos…


I agree with Don – have you shown any of this stuff to any clients or done any jobs in digital yet? I think you are ready to tackle one. This reminds me of a student art show in college. He had the ginormous realistically rendered canvases of city scenes with people in them and somewhere there would be a tiny section that was unfinished where you could see the underlying pencils sketching he had done on the blank canvas.

Dennis Jones

…yup …I think it’s really interesting to see what’s underneath the paint…

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