Pete’s Picture

December 13, 2007


My youngest son, Pete, did an accounting internship at a local business here in town last summer. One day while he was waiting for his work to arrive, he scratched out this picture and emailed it to me… or should I say, at me. Yes, this is a caricature of me in all my glory. I colored it and sent it back to him… then we both got back to work.

The Comments

Doug Jones

love the nose hairs… I see you are now sportin’ an ear ring, eh?

Dennis Jones

…yes, and catching flies with my tongue…

Dennis Jones

…a close-up of the end of the tongue…

Doug Jones

we all KNEW about catching flies… but the ear ring is something new…

Don Jones

Doug, I’ve got a self piercing ear kit ready and waiting for us at the Brother Jones Year-End Christmas Sale and Bash.


Um, shouldn’t that be Ear-End Christmas Sale and Bash?

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