Searching For A Brush

February 19, 2008


I’m trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible with the Photoshop painting deal, so I’m doing a lot of little color studies like this from my sketchbook. Right now I am mainly trying to find a brush that can be my “go to” workhorse tool. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out what that brush is.

The Comments

Don Jones

No doubt a SteamPunk veteran from the sleepy little 1880’s town of Reeds Spring.

Jason Bourne

Wow…That is awesome. Looks like a space pilot going to the far reaches of the Binary Galaxy…

Dennis Jones

…Reeds Spring certainly was in a galaxy far far away…

Doug Jones

Reeds Spring had these advanced weapons that would shoot/spit chewing tobacco juice at you… I think they called them “children” Whatever brushes you are using seem to be working pretty good. Of course I have extremely low standards and all…..

Don Jones

Reeds Spring is now just a distant blur as you face the western sky. Highway 160 now completely by-passes the town.


…In a galaxy fa far away a pilot of taxi-space… look like a taxi driver from space… great

Dennis Jones

…attention NickJonesEverbody… tell Grant to immediately start work on a space story for me about an intergalactic taxi cab driver stationed in an out of the way little place in the universe called Reeds Spring who’s fighting the good fight against tobacco firing baby robots…

Jason Bourne

Yes. And we need snub fighters of all shapes and sizes. The Rebel Galactic Organization may be able to aid us.


lets start to fight…. red baro out….

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