Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby

January 8, 2007


…who else could it be but good ole Rugglesby…


…itching to trek about the latitudes…

I really like concept art. I decided to do a little of it myself this weekend and this is what I came up with. I’m not really sure if there is any sort of concept going on in my piece of concept art… unless you can call baggy striped pants a concept.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I think the concept here is Wal*Mart greeter gone BAD! “Hey… you wanna cart? Take it! TAKE THE CART NOW OR I’LL BLAST YOU!”… “thank you, and have a nice day”…….


What a fun piece. With the striped pants I’d say he’s a golfer during the apocalypse. I imagine Golf would be a much more dangerous sport then.

Mark Behm

He’s great. Love his costume and the “tooth gate” behind him.

Don Jones

This would make a nice addition to ImageKind print place. I have to agree with Roballoo… those are golfin’ britches if I’ve ever seen ‘um.

Doug Jones

I hope this guy has another pair of those pants in his pack… in case he gets a hole in one…

Dennis Jones

…this page actually has secret, backward masked messages about the Beatles hidden on it. kinda…

Cedric Hohnstadt

Terrific illustration! Who’d have ever thought someone could look so intimidating wearing striped pajama pants.


I once shot a carnivorous prehistoric beast in my stripey combat pajamas. How it got in my stripey combat pajamas I’ll never know.

Craig Schutt

This is a comic book/graphic novel just waiting to happen…


I must concur. At least you’d sell a couple of copies.


Awesome! Wacom, Painted or both?


its looks like ‘Zerit’, a character designed by Massimiliano Frezzato




i googled the name. is this a song?



Dennis Jones

…if you saw this seasons opening episode of 24 (when Jack stepped off the airplane from his little holiday stay in China)… that’s pretty much what I looked like when I disembarked the plane from europe last night… minus the handcuffs of course… but including the long beard and shellshocked look…

Deke & Luis: I was listening to an old Klaatu record one night and was inspired by a song on it called Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III, I did this picture as I listened to the album…

Jeff: Where have you been? Good to hear something out of you again! Are you involved in hockey at all this year? Last summer the team I played on won the league championship! I AM A WEINER! I mean WINNER! WhooHOO!

JoBi: I would have to agree with you JoBi, this does look like Zerit… I guess there really is nothing new under the sun…

Bernard: Painted… I still love to paint…

Craig & RobalLOO: You write it, I’ll draw it…

Brian: Always good to hear someone reporting in from the Stripey Combat Pajama Brigade… but you guys just have to do a better job guarding your uniforms…

Cedric: Try wearing striped pajama pants the next time you go out in public… people will get out of your way quick… they are indeed very intimidating…

Mark: Thanks… I’ve not had a lot of time yet to piddle around with the digital tablet, but its all been in Photoshop… I am starting to explore Painter now, (which is a whole different animal)… if I ever come up with anything decent I will post it up…

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