Summer Pilgrimage

July 18, 2007


I began a pilgrimage this last April. It is musical pilgrimage. It is my quest to listen to all 3500 songs in my I-tunes library before the end of the summer and throw as many songs away as possible. How did I end up with 3500 songs in my I-tunes library? I have absolutely no idea. I’ve never even heard of some of these songs. When I discovered there were 168 songs that start with the letter “a” alone, I realized I had a gigantic task ahead of me. I am currently at the letter “i” and the summer is rapidly coming to a close, but my crusade continues to march forward.

The Comments


Another post, wow. I don’t have an ipod. I still use casettes. I like the old school still.

Doug Jones

I’m not positive on this, but I think that “Hard Days Night” you have may be a cheap copy… I’d say dump it.

Dennis Jones

HEy… that is a classic version of that song! I think I even have it loaded into my Nano…

Don Jones

Carry on my wayward son There’ll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest You’re at the “i”s no mo….


Hey you’ve got some Paolo Conte! He’s way cool ~ And thats an even way cooler song.

Dennis Jones

…Happy Feet by Paolo Conte always makes me feel good… of course, so does Happy Feet by Kermit The Frog…


Does kermie sing his song in Italian too?

Doug Jones

give us something GOOD to look at for the next 2 weeks…

Dennis Jones

…hope you guys enjoy tomorrows post…

…day… after day… after day… after day…

Doug Jones

I’m already tired of it… hey… fake an illness and just stay home and make cool sock creatures…

Don Jones

Don’t they have FREE Wi-Fi in Romania’s StarBucks? I’d like you to post your swanky sermon notes for review and analysis.

Dennis Jones

…I’m pretty sure I’m going to be able to weasel out of that obligation because I don’t think anyone remembers that thing but you two… if not… well.. uhm… yikes…

Don Jones

IF pressed into preaching. just give ‘em the 10 Commandments. That will get ‘em upright in the pews.

Doug Jones

I think you should prepare a sermon based on Judges 1:6. It would be a very memorable talk. Maybe illustrate it with some drawings.

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