Super Duper Tuesday

March 4, 2008


How long has this primary voting season been going on anyway? Indiana doesn’t vote until May. Doesn’t anybody want to know what us Hoosiers think about this deal? I not sure there will be anyone left to vote for by then. Lucky for me I’ll still be able to do a write in vote for my candidate… Socmo.

The Comments

Don Jones

This makes me feel like a true American. At the drop of the hanging chad, let the vote countin’ begin …

Doug Jones

I think that donkey has been listening to Hillary… he looks fried!

Don Jones

I had a strawberry/banana smoothie this past Friday … I noticed it came with a rather large straw but thought nothing more of it. I took a big, massive draw on the straw only to be immediately thrown into a painful, “brain-freeze” cranium lock-up. Demo Donk above, knows the feeling.

Jason Bourne

Wow! That is really cool. The flag is vibrant! The elephant looks a little worried.


Socmo in 2008 has a nice ring to it.. I have a $5.00 campaign contribution and 1 gallon of fabric softener where do I send it??

Dennis Jones

…I believe my brother Doug is Socmo’s official campaign manager… More on the Socmo bandwagon HERE!





SocMo wins Caucus!


the SocMo cake


SocMo runs on the Moon Pie platform


ahead in the polls!

Well, I received a surprise birthday dinner yesterday. I walked into the kitchen to find that my underdog candidate, SocMo, was taking Iowa by storm! Since my birthday was the same day as the Iowa caucus, that became the theme for my birthday this year.

As you can see, we had a SocMo cake! An excellent chocolate mint cake is under that special SocMo icing. We had delicious CORN chowder soup with outstanding CORNbread that would make those Iowans weep.

An outstanding day for me… and for our next president of the United States… SocMo!

The Comments

Dennis Jones

…a grassroots movement seems to be forming!

Don Jones

This is fantastic. SocMo icing, Moon Pies… you could’nt ask for anything more Douger. (Except for someone to help you get your pajamas on…)


Douger – an adjective. Hmmm. Will this be the word of the year at the close of 2008?

Don Jones

But the big question I have for SocMo… Does he support change? (A simple setup for some witty comments.)

Dennis Jones

…Doug, are you feeling left out because you didn’t get a new sketchbook for Christmas like Don and I did? …is that why you are boycotting putting comments on your Brother Jones page?…is it? huh? …is it??

Don Jones

Den, maybe we should go together and send Douger a belated b-present… I’ll round up some used copier paper out of the trash and staple it together for a sketchbook … you send him some chewed up golf pencils from Pete’s golf bag.

Dennis Jones

…done and done!

Doug Jones

I am underwhelmed by your thoughfulness! But I have LOTS of sketchbooks that need drawings. I’ll try to get something up here soon…
hang on….

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