Tomato Time

July 17, 2007


How do you get a tortilla chip to dance? Put on a little salsa.

We have a garden full of green tomatoes that are just about ready to turn red, so everyone around here is excited because we know it’s only a matter of days until Karen’s homemade salsa makes it’s summer appearance. There’s really nothing like it. It is so good, I eventually just forget about all that chip dipping nonsense and start drinking it straight out of the bowl.

The Comments

Doug Jones

That is one festive ChEEp! I haven’t had a real tomato yet this summer. Dang.

Dennis Jones

…isn’t it great when we get the “jokes page” jobs and we have a picture and a joke ready for any emergency Brother Jones posting that needs to be made…

Doug Jones

ah, yes…. a little spot art in the freezer is mighty nice!

Dennis Jones

…well …I guess I’m in trouble today… apparently I left my cell phone in the pocket of my jeans and Karen just fished it out of the bottom of the washing machine …it doesn’t seem to be working so much now… you would think getting it all cleaned up with a good, hard washing would help, but apparently not…

Don Jones

Nothing that cash won’t fix.

Doug Jones

I prefer to wash my cell phone the old fashioned way. I take it down to the river and beat it against rocks… hey, wait… I don’t HAVE a cell phone…

Dennis Jones

…cell phones? CELL PHONES?? …we don’t need no stinkin’ CELL PHONES…

Don Jones

I use to have a cell phone… those years I spent “up the river” in the “big house”.

Dennis Jones

…didn’t you have to share it with the other convicts during yard time?

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