Trophy Rolls Into Town

March 19, 2007


…the Indianapolis ColtMobile…


…Hoosiers standing in line…


…ready to rumble…

As their way of saying, “thank you Dennis for helping us win the Super Bowl this year”, the Colts brought the Lombardi Trophy to Huntington last Saturday. Hoosiers lined up for miles to get their picture taken next to the trophy. Since it looks pretty much exactly the same live as it looks on tv, I opted out of standing in line, jumped into the back of the gym, snapped a long distance shot and headed on home… before anyone could catch me and tell me I couldn’t do that. Yes, I suppose I could have made a grand entrance, gone to the head of the line and signed autographs, but I’m just not that kind of guy.

The Comments

Doug Jones

No wonder the Colts won. They have number 58, SocMo Jones playing for them. He is so BUFF! Unfortunately the Titans have Pacman Jones on their team. A total thug… giving us Joneses a bad name. Wanna trade?

Don Jones

I think I read that SocMo was the Colts franchise player this past year. Dennis Jones No. 4 on the other hand was traded… to the Raiders for a Chick-Filet $1 off coupon.

Doug Jones

… that made me laugh out loud… stop it, just stop it…

Don Jones

I bet Dennis went to the gym thinking they were passing out “Trophy Rolls” and coffee. Picked that up from the subliminal message in the blog headline…

Dennis Jones

…mmmm …trophy rolls…

Doug Jones

dang.. made me laugh again. twice in one day. new record.

Doug Jones

Hey… I was totally bummed out when Rob and Amber were eliminated from the Amazing Race last week. In fact, I am STILL bummed about it. Anyone else feel this way?

Don Jones

I missed last week and was surprised they had gone down. From the recap it looked like Rob sort of blew a gasket with that sign deal.

Doug Jones

Rob misspelled a word on the sign… and spelling counted. He never caught it. A very good lesson here for boys and girs… study those spelling words.

Don Jones

Spelling and grammer are so importunt.

Dennis Jones

…man… I buckle down, work non-stop, don’t check the web site for a while and the next thing I know I’m running a fan blog for the Amazing Race… which is fine with me… it was disappointing to see Rob and Amber mixed up in that nuclear bomb drone plane incident and have to be eliminated by Jack Bauer last week, but hey, that kind of thing will happen sometimes…

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