Welcome Back, Don

April 23, 2007


…a photo from Don’s trip…

We are happy to see that brother Don made it back from Honduras safely, but sorry to hear about his camera being “lost” during the trip. Fortunately, I was able to salvage this one photo for him.

The Comments

Don Jones

Thanks for recreating one of my cherished memories of the trip… The entire cast of LOST came to the building site and watched in amazement as we juggled cinder blocks and slung mortar around. Sawyer sold me a couple of machetes and Hurley ate all our sandwiches.

Doug Jones

did the black smoke monster give you any trouble?

Don Jones

The black smoke was EVERYWHERE! It was not in monster form but in top-knotch cooking and trash burning form.

Dennis Jones

…sounds like the last Jonesapalooza barbecue…


How is Soc’s Maleria treatment going?

Dennis Jones

…well… his lips have turned bright red… that can’t be a good sign…

Doug Jones

I still think this picture looks like “Honey Who Shrunk the Stars?”

Don Jones

I guess I wasted $72 on a tetnus shot. I didn’t get cut, stuck or scratched the entire trip. I used a 30 Sunblock… I applied it twice so according to my math skill set… that’s a level 60 of protection.

Dennis Jones

…did you slather the sunblock on with a palette knife?

Don Jones

No, I prefer a trowel.

Dennis Jones

…hmmm… I usually use a trowel to dry off with after a shower…

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