What A Super Bowl!

February 4, 2008


OK, that had to be like the best Super Bowl I’ve see… ever! An undefeated team, DEFEATED in the championship game! The underdog team making a last minute drive at the end to win! Wow!

The Comments

Doug Jones

OH NOooo… I thought the game was NEXT week!

Doug Jones

Them goggles make me think this may be a steampunk bear… right?

Dennis Jones

…Doug, I am now a huge fan of steampunk thanks to you …I always liked that “look”, but never new it had a name…

Jason Bourne

Cool gun. Congrats Giants, that was a great Super Bowl. You earned that trophy and know how to play.

Don Jones

I yelled loud on that big corner pass connection between Eli and Plex. Slung Whoppers all over the basement… This illustration has MOXY. Nice.

Dennis Jones

…I added the Giants logo today before I posted this picture in honor of their fabulous win…

Doug Jones

What are the odds that two brothers would win back-to-back Super Bowls? Dennis… you win the Super Bowl next year and then we will see if Don can win it the next… OK?

Dennis Jones

…you’re talking about the big, all you can eat, Super Chili Bowl, right?

Don Jones

The logo in the background is so timely. The Manning brothers are in the record books … the Jones brothers simply have a record. Den, how is that parole deal going?

Jon Slone

Thank God the giants won!! With as much dislike that God gives a person, I’ve placed all mine on the Snobby patriots!!! Long live Manning-Mania! Terry Kath signing out

Dennis Jones

…I’m pretty sure Terry Kath signed out a couple of years ago…

Jason Bourne

First Peyton and now Eli. That is just cool,back to back.

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