A Brother Jones Tool Tip

December 7, 2006


…my mower as it currently sits in my garage…


…a lean, mean, grass eatin’ machine…

It is currently snowing very hard here in Indiana and as I was coming back through my garage with wood for the fireplace, I noticed my trusty riding lawnmower patiently waiting for summer. This inspired me to share a little Brother Jones Tool Tip with you that I believe we should all try to live by…

Take care of your tools and they will take care of you…

…yes, words to live by… I know I do.

…hope I don’t have problems with the mower again this spring.

The Comments

Doug Jones

that front tire looks spotless… better sling some mud on it, quick…

Dennis Jones

…I dont think I can today… we are having a bit of a blizzard right now (there is currently a 30 car pileup out on the highway) and my muddy yard is frozen… so I’m going to hop in my car and head up to the FedX box…Whoo HOO…

Keegan Jones

Haha, wow! How fast can that thing go?

Don Jones

Brother Don here reporting in from the SouthLake Town Square Apple Store. This image of your mower Dennis is front and center on this 30-inch monitor and is causing quite a stir. People are appearing sick and quickly leaving the premises. I see a lawn mower wash gift card in your future.

Dennis Jones

…I’m pretty sure the toxic mix of mud, water, and grass you see here has already tuned my blade housing into one big concrete slab… now that I think about it, I believe this is the same combination of elements they used to make bricks with in ancient Egypt…


Hey C’mon Dennis, Tis the season and all…how about changing that mower pic to your Christmas decorated lawn before cousin Eddie shows up? Or, at least add a snow shovel on the front.

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