October 3, 2006


…random sketchbook pages…


…leaving in the linework…

I’m still trying to figure out what I want digital color to look like. I don’t know whether to leave the line work showing, totally paint it out, or come up with some hybrid of the two, so I keep experimenting… and posting them here.

One thing I really like about this is how quickly you can move color onto a drawing. I’ve been scanning random sketchbook pages into my computer so that when the urge to do a little digital painting hits me, I can just snag a sketch and go.

The Comments

Don Jones

How is your Wacom Tablet Fund doing? Maybe Keegan should work a PayPal button on here for those spur-of-the-moment contributions.

Dennis Jones

…haven’t gotten around to getting a tablet yet… I’m not going to have a lot of time for the next few weeks to mess with this stuff anyway…

Doug Jones

…you will be spending your time out in the field on that big gourd harvest, right?

Dennis Jones

…we do have a fine harvest of tobacco box gourds this year…


Nice. One of my favorite digital images fromm you yet. I guess this is kind of a hybrid thingy since I can stil see the linework?

Don Jones

Speaking of harvesting… the local authorities just busted our local elementary art teacher for having meth in the classroom. Strange but true. This could be my opening to get back into art edukashun.

Doug Jones

we had a kindergartener show up here with a bag of Marijuana and a loaded hand gun in her backpack…. the mom got arrested…

Dennis Jones

…I’ve been thinking about sitting in on a couple of night classes at our local university… I suppose I better get a gun and some drugs if I’m going to fit in with the other kids…

Don Jones

Good one Den… and don’t forget to wear a pair of Croks along with your hockey jersey.

Dennis Jones

…no one will even notice that I’m 300 years older than them…

Doug Jones

ever heard of “can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

Dennis Jones

…I’m livin’ that every day…

Doug Jones

if anyone hassels you cuz you are 300 years old, just throw one of your Croks at ‘em…

Brian Beausoleil

I too can’t decide whether or not to leave the Pencil line work or not. But i do like the way if looks with it kind of keeps it loose and adds action to it. like my Football player that i did as my first digital painting. since then i have done one other and like the results so i guess i will leave them in for now. Brian

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