Frederator Studio Interview

November 13, 2006


…Samurai Bear…

I just had an INTERVIEW published on the Frederator Studios Blog you might enjoy looking at. About the only thing I am an expert on these days is me… so other than the parts that I made up, this is a quality piece of journalism.

I also painted this bear over the weekend… but it has absolutely nothing to do with the Frederator interview… for you Ozark-Americans, that’s called a non-sequitur.

The Comments

Don Jones

Great interview Dennis. I especially liked the part of “taking someone down with you”.


Dennis, Another piece of the Dennis life and genius revealed! I like Mort’s work and everybody loves Jack Davis…but your stuff is like those guys on steriods. Ah, er the above was meant to be a compliment?

Dennis Jones

…hey, I’d take that as a compliment even if it were meant as an insult…

Don Jones

Dennis, are you juicin’ now days?

Dennis Jones

…I do enjoy a frosty cold glass of O.J. occasionally…

Don Jones

I pick-up a container of the GROVESTAND variety of O.J. The pulp was so thick I thought I was gonna have to spoon it out. Janson gagged on it.


Hey, I hope you guys are not kidding because I’m writing all this down…and old expiring artist like myself can’t afford to pick up and go to missouri state to learn how to paint like Dennis so I figger I mize well do the juice. Now do I drink all of this out of a Gourd?


Awsome Samuri Bear! I really think you nailed this one.

Mark Behm

I find this guy particularly cool! Love all the little details.


hello! i’m french i live in Paris.. i love your style! You’re great very good! thank for your art! scuse my english

Doug Jones

I saw the original art on this piece. Dennis came down to visit some clients and this was something he brought with him. I was surprised by the size of it. It’s big! oh… and I DO think the O.J. is the secret…


How big is big? All I see is a measly 380×216 pixels. It must be really impressive in person. in the tradition of Howard Pyle/N.C. Wyeth is this the beginning if a grand adventure book? The adventures of a grizzled O.J. drinkin’ samurai clad warrior bear could be the next big thing.

Dennis Jones

…now you have me going again, RobalLOO… if you could just flesh out that orange juice drinkin’, samurai warrior bear story a bit I would be all over doing that…


chirp… chirp… chirp…

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