I Got A Tablet

December 29, 2006


…the first thing out of the Wacom…

I was a very good little boy this year and thus received a 6X8 Intuos3 Wacom Tablet for Christmas. This is a WHOLE lot easier than a mouse. I’m afraid my Brother Jones page is now going to evolve into some sort of virtual refrigerator door where I post my little digital pictures for the family to see.

The Comments

Doug Jones

cool dude with a ‘tude… I don’t think he got that iPod he wanted for Christmas… and while you are at that virtual fridge… pass me a slice of cold pizza…

Don Jones

This little guy is creepy.. good job. I visit the fridge a whole lot so I look forward to many digital pics.


Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing more.


I received a wacom tablet for xmas too!!! i love it!! the first thing i sketched with my tablet wasn’t that good, though… My congratulations for your works! I do like your illustrations!

Don Jones

I keep checking the fridge for new Wacom art but so far no luck… Chiefs vs. Colts… Saturday… be there.

Dan Lietha

Wow! Dennis gets a Wacom tablet and I feel like I got something special for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of what you learn to do with a real graphics tablet, especially since you were pretty stinkin’ good with just a mouse.

Mark Behm

I begged santa to get you one.

Cedric Hohnstadt

Congratulations! I would think drawing with a mouse would be akin to sculpting with a bowling ball, yet you pulled it off. I can’t wait to see you make that tablet sing!


im pretty sure my brother has that same tablet, your drawings are really awesome, i still have a read with me bible around somewhere in my house, theyre really great

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