Injecting Fantasy Into Football

November 28, 2006


…All-Pro Billy Bob Durkins…

I came across this old sketch and it reminded me of how much fun I used to have with fantasy football. I started up a league back in the 90’s when I lived in Texas, and part of the fun for me was developing helmets, uniforms, and histories for all of our pretend teams.

One of the guys named his team the Waterloo, Iowa White Whales. I decided all the players on his team should be overweight, (since they were whales) and have three numbers on their jerseys instead of two. Reading my notes on this page, apparently this is their all-pro cornerback Billy Bob Durkins who is the lightest member of the team at 386 pounds.

The Comments

Doug Jones

was this the player whose left ankle snapped under the strain and had to ride the pine the rest of the season?

Don Jones

Billy Bob was the best “undrafted” cornerback in the league. He had a real hankerin’ for the buffets in Waterloo.

Dennis Jones

…that team could run an “all you can eat” buffet restaurant out of business…

Don Jones

I’ve just acquired an awesome football photo to post… tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Doug Jones

stay tuned to what channel?

Don Jones

That would be KLBJ… on your radio dial. Komplete Lackluster Brother Jones broadcasting 24/7 in the lovely 5.1 monophonic chromacolor sound from the beautiful meth-infested hills of the Missouri Ozarks.


KLBJ sounds like one of those new translations of the Bible.

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