JoyOfPainting Part2 Episode 3

October 18, 2006


…with your host, Soc-3P-Mo… HEY!…


…a really rough, rough…


…the finished pencil…

To recap yesterdays exciting episode; …I have come up with a way to tweak my clients assignment into something I will enjoy doing a bit more than their original idea. I’m going to turn it into a Rube Goldberg tribute piece.

[warning] Changing a clients assignment is, (of course), always a really bad idea. [end of disclaimer, on with thrilling story]

My first task is to figure out how this illustration might work as a Rube Goldberg cartoon. I roughly sketch out an idea (first picture), decide this is probably as good as anything I’m going to come up with, and proceed to work out the finished drawing (second picture). I attach that to an email and send it to my client for approval. This is a risky move. It is not exactly what they have asked for and I have invested a lot of time to get to this point in the process.

Will my Jedi mind tricks work? Is this concept just a little too far removed from their original assignment? Do they have some sort of problem with Rube Goldberg Tributes? Find out in tomorrows exciting fourth episode of …The Joy Of Painting!

The Comments

Doug Jones

I’m predicting that the gizmo will be OK… but you will have to make the guy at the end into a woman… of another race… facing the other direction… and much younger. I hope I win… I hope I win…

Dennis Jones

…well, you predicted the Rube Goldberg part correctly on day one… the force is strong in you…

Dan Lietha

Rube Goldburg would be proud of his Padawon learner for sure. I want to see if the client thinks you’ve gone to the dark side.

Don Jones

I think the SIN on the cook top should be larger; The guy’s pants should be stripes and the balloon should read “shame on me”.

Dennis Jones

…congratulations, Don… you and the client both seem to have issues with the balloon…


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