My New Internet Shop

October 30, 2006


…a framed print from the gallery…

On a fairly consistent basis, I receive email from people wanting to purchase existing Biblical artwork from me. As shocking as this may seem, I don’t keep a warehouse full of product or a staffed shipping department in my basement to take care of these requests.

Because of this, I have opened an Online Print Gallery. You can get prints here in a variety of formats, anything from a poster to a fine art canvas. You can buy them as is or put them in a mat and frame. Custom cropping is also available if you wish. Check out the site sometime and play with all the nifty bells and whistles.

The Comments

Don Jones

Bada-Bing…. CHa- CHING!!! Just in time for Christmas shopping. Good thinkin’, Dennis.

Doug Jones

have you got any zebra prints? I hear zebras are really HOT now…

Dennis Jones

…I just so happen to be wearing a fine zebra print today… thanks for asking…

Dan Lietha

Too cool! Can we request certain images to be added to your store?

Dennis Jones

…as long as it’s not a zebra print…

Doug Jones

I like the frame… is it for sale?

Dennis Jones

…boy, is it ever… I think the framing is where this web site makes it’s money… although the last time I checked, framing is pretty expensive anyway…

Don Jones

What did one picture frame say to the other? “How’s it hangin’?”

Dan Lietha

How’s business on the new store? Any success to report? 🙂

Napoleon D.

Gosh, no Ligers? They’re just about the coolest animal there is, I’m pretty good at drawing them, I could show you how sometime after I’m done working on my dancing moves.

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