Season Premier

October 12, 2006


…The Joy Of Painting Part Deux…

The extremely popular, critically acclaimed “Joy Of Painting” series will make it’s long awaited, highly anticipated season premier next week on this channel. Last seasons debut episode was a roller coaster ride of nonstop painting action. Unlike some “other” shows that just tease us with dinosaurs eating people, this Joy Of Painting assignment takes place on a lost island somewhere in the Pacific where there are actual dinosaurs eating actual people.

The Comments

Don Jones

I can hardly wait to see what you paint up with your mouse. Maybe it will be a “happy little football player”?

Doug Jones

Wanna talk old school? I just read an interview with Bob Staake and HE works in Photoshop 3 in Classic on his G5 and uses a mouse. I’m thinking of going retro too. It sure works for him!

Dennis Jones

hmmm… thats not the guy I thought he was, Doug… wasn’t there a guy named Straake or Straight or something like that who did really nice sports caricatures?

Dan Lietha

That would be Bruce Stark. His web site is here: I don’t believe he uses rodents to paint though.

Dennis Jones

…you can get some unique texture with them…


Thanks, Bruce Stark does nice work. I might even have some covers in my TV guide collection (don’t ask). The other thing about Bob Staake is he says he does all of his photoshop work in only one layer. Amazing.


Nice ‘Fro BTW.

Doug Jones

I’m lovin’ that double chin goatee myself…

Dennis Jones

…well, thanks …not everyone can grow one of those, you know…

Jete Pones

Don’t you guys know who Bruce Stark is? He uses mind bullets and only a quarter of a layer in photoshop. He also makes a mean omellete…

Dennis Jones

…Jete, I’m going to whoop a mind bullet, quarter layer on you if you dont hurry up and get a replacement battery ordered for your soon to meltdown laptop…

Don Jones

Dennis, upon further analysis of the above image I have determined you have “loaded” your mouse with a mixture of Yellow Ochre with a touch of Vermillion Deep. I always heard that gouache adheres firmly to vermin hair and now you have proved it.

Dennis Jones

…actually Don, what I have done here is called double loading… my mouse has a different color on each side… Yellow Ochre on one end, Naples Yellow on the other…

Don Jones

That double mouser pigment load really gives those “happy” trees some SNAP!

Dennis Jones

…I used the “sponge” technique on the happy little trees in this painting… the mouse seemed to really enjoy it…

Don Jones

I never imagined you were using a LIVE mouse. I bet after a few hard-hitting blending techniques the little mouse is beat into submission. Do you get your mouses from some local radiation or experimental lab?


Is it a USB or a serial mouse? Just curious.

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