The Thanksgiving 2006 Report

December 2, 2006


…Nick points to the famous Notre Dame golden dome…


…Pete and Nick walking to the stadium in a crowd…

Over the Thanksgiving break our oldest son Nick, (being a huge Notre Dame football fan) wanted to make a pilgrimage to South Bend to look at the school… which we did. After wandering around the campus for a while, my youngest son asked, ”…did we drive all the way up here just to take pictures?”

Yes Pete, yes we did… and here they are.

The Comments

Don Jones

This is good. Pete is hanging back with the other guitarist George while Nick is attempting to pickpocket John.

Doug Jones

I think Ringo is goosing Nick

Dennis Jones

…is that a Notre Dame hooded sweatshirt I see Nick wearing? …looks like LSU Tiger Bait to me…

Doug Jones

look… it’s 4  beatles… and two maggots! (the above comment is of a purely humorous nature and not intended to impune the character of said persons) I am Doug Jones and I semi-approve this message.

Dennis Jones

Doug, this requires a reasonable amount of entomology knowledge to catch the humor in the comment…

…for that reason I believe your comment is way over the heads of most of our viewers…

…well… at least over Dons head…

Nick Jones Everybody

I am uncomfortable with the proximity of Ringo’s hand… I always knew he was the creepy Beatle…

Dennis Jones

…since Don seems to be gone today, lets talk about him behind his back… did you know he fell on the ice in the church parking lot yesterday?… seriously…

Dennis Jones

…what Don exclaimed as he fell out of sight… was NOT Merry Christmas and to all a good night…

Doug Jones

can you say “lawsuit?” Don is probably meeting with Dewey, Cheatem and Howe right now to discuss litigation…

Dennis Jones

…no …I believe Don is probably meeting with his pastor right now trying to explain his comments as he hit the ground…

Don Jones

I’ve decided to “move my letter” and forego the humiliation of confessing my verbal tirade to the congregation.

Doug Jones

I’ve been thinking of moving my BrotherJones letter to another website… Preferably one with a higher quality of snacks and a better retirement plan

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