Capn’ America

September 22, 2006


…digital painting…

Yes, it’s CAPTAIN AMERICA… fighting the dreaded… uhm… bubbles… yes, that’s what this is, Captain America fighting the dreaded bubble… machine… guys… bad guys… bad bubble machine bad guys…

…it’s a classic story, I’m sure you’ve read it…

The Comments

Don Jones

I must have missed that bubble debacle. Looks like you are coming along nicely painting with the mouse.

Dennis Jones

…I am on a one man crusade to save the mouse… will you join me in this effort?…


hahaha….love it. Don’t know how you manage with a mouse though… very cool. H

Doug Jones

… while relaxing in his luxurious bubble bath, Captain America suddenly realized that his rubber ducky was missing! Was there someone else in the tub with him??!! Stay tuned for Chapter 2… “Revenge of Mr Bubble”


nahhh… I just think he doesn’t know how to do laundry.

Dennis Jones

…the following is a paid political announcement


Ad funded by the Save The Mouse Foundation …Dennis Jones, founder and CEO

Don Jones

I would like to up my WACOM tablet contribution from $5 to $5.37. Digital Drawing Best B Done with a Stick!

This political advertisement was funded entirely by the Liberation of Mouses for Illustration Society and Gouche Club.

Dennis Jones

…do I actually have to purchase a Wacom Tablet to be able to collect the $5.37 from you, ‘cause I could sure use that $5.37… we have a new Walmart Super Center in town now ya know…

Dennis Jones

…just got back from the new Walmart Super Center… spent $4.11 and had a free cup of coffee… on a scale from 1 to 10 I would rank this visit a 7.5… enjoyable, but not perfect…

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