Joe Willy

September 29, 2006


…saint namath…

After watching the Colts sleep walk through most of last weeks game, then wake up in the second half, throw a bucket load of points onto the board and beat the Jaguars, (who had outplayed them the entire game), I fear there is little to no hope for the Jets this weekend… without a little divine intervention…

The Comments

Doug Jones

How about them Titans? Wonder if they will win ONE game this season? If they played a team like, maybe Peyton Manning’s team, maybe… they would get clobbered. Peyton is OK if you like quarterbacks with rocket laser arms…. wonder if he would consider tying one arm behind his back, just to make it interesting…

Don Jones

What is going on with those Titans anywho? Didn’t one of the Titan linemen stomp the opponents head when his helmet was off? Nothing like a cleat to the forehead to get yourself fined and sent home for a few weeks.


Well Dennis, I guess you were wrong about the Jets! What a game…a little Stanford v.s. Cal at the end there? Bernard

Dennis Jones

…the Jets started really slow in that game, but I was pretty impressed with how well they played the rest of it… and even tho I am a Colts fan, I was almost hoping that last play would work for the Jets… what a fun game to watch…

…and those Titans really do seem to be stomping the competition into the ground… literally…

Don Jones

I love these Monday morning Brother Jones NFL recaps. How many laterals were thrown there? Which reminds me … I need to check my septic lateral lines.

Doug Jones

I think Haynesworth got confused and started playing “Whack the Mole” with that guy’s head… nothing personal… Colts vs Titans… any wagering on this extreeeemly close match up?

Don Jones

I say let’s pick the final point spread and the winner gets first dibs on donuts at the next Brother Jones Bored Meeting.

Doug Jones

wel… it’ll be a leat 40 points… with Payty-Pie… it may go to 50

Dennis Jones

…I predict Jeff Fisher will go for at least 2 on-side kicks in that game… maybe as many as 4…

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