Quick Digital Painting

September 20, 2006


…another 30 minute color sketch…

I try to quit work around five o’clock each day. My wife usually gets home from school a half hour or so later. I have started doing digital sketches in that time period. When Karen gets home, my picture is done. These little digital paintings are quick, loose, and actually seem to help me think in different ways when I go back to traditional painting.

The Comments

Don Jones

That is looking awesome. Who is that guy anywho?

Dennis Jones

…last year at the Mazda dealership I sketched this out of a Sports Illustrated that was in the waiting room I was waiting in as I was waiting for my oil to be changed…

…oh… so this is supposed to be Vince Young as a Texas Longhorn…

Don Jones

Did you get yourself a WACOM tablet?

Dennis Jones

…nope …I’m doing this with a mouse …but I’m hoping to get a tablet somewhere down the road…

Mark Behm

wince a mouse?! Even if you grab one of those $99 4×5 wacoms. Nobody likes painting with a bar of soap! Still, it’s looking good!

Dennis Jones

…that’s the main reason these are so loose… without the sensitivity of a tablet you are reduced to just pounding strokes onto the canvas…

Dan Lietha

Dennis, It kills me you did that sketch with a mouse! I look forward to the day when you get a Wacom pad. Anyway, the latest issue of Airbrush Action Magazine (Superman cover) has a very interesting feature article on Mark Fredrickson’s conversion from real airbrush to digital. If you can get a hold of it, it’s a good read. He works a bit differently than you do, but he sites his reasons for going digital and says he’s never going back. FYI

Dennis Jones

…I think everyone is pretty much working differently than me because I have no idea what I am doing digitally…

…thanks for the heads up on the Fredrickson article… I will check that out pronto…


WITH A MOUSE?! Wowsers! That’s amazing. It does have a nice loose quality about it. I think what helps is you aren’t feeling any pressure to produce a finished quality level of work – just sketches. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing more. I will have to check out that article too.

Doug Jones

Maybe Santa will bring you a Wacom for Christmas. It’s only 3 months away…

Cedric Hohnstadt

A mouse?!? Amazing! Especially the detail in the ear. I like the idea of finishing the day with a loose personal sketch. Do you also do warm-up sketches to start your day?

Dennis Jones

…if I started my day playing I don’t think I would have the discipline to stop and start doing my real work… so my morning warm up is coffee… black…

Doug Jones

I really like the chalk texture… so are you scanning your pencil sketch, then putting transparent color over it?

Don Jones

Dennis, I’ve seen others raise money for good causes on websites. I suggest you begin collecting contributions for a much needed Wacom Tablet. I will kick it off with a 5 dollar bill…

Dan Lietha

Here’s the site of a GREAT caricature artist that has made the jump to digital. See his step by step example at the bottom of his homepage. http://www.opdebeeck.com/ May Santa grant you “good boy” status and free you from the mouse with a nice Wacom tablet. 🙂

Dennis Jones

…can ya get one a them Waco Tablets at Walmarts? …’cause we have a new one a them in town…

Dan Lietha

I’m sorry Dennis. I should have said, “here’s the site of ANOTHER great caricature artist. And I believe they only sell Waco tablets in Texas.

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