Regional Football Coverage

September 18, 2006


…a 30 minute color sketch…

NFL regional football coverage is great IF you like the team in your area. If you don’t like the team in your area… well… too bad… you’re going to watch your regional team play every Sunday anyway.

Doug lives in Nashville and gets to watch the Titans game each week. So far they have scored a grand total of 23 points in their two games and are currently 0-2.

Don lives in Missouri and gets to watch the Chiefs play each week. So far this year they have accumulated a whopping 16 points and are currently 0-2.

I live in Indiana and get to watch the Colts play each week. So far they have racked up almost 70 points in their two games and are currently 2-0.

This is about the only time of the year when it’s really good to live in Indiana.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Go ahead… rub it in… say… is this a digital doodle Denny? it’s nice and loosey goosey…

Keegan Jones

The Colts are the most exciting team in football to watch these days. Gotta call it now, Colts in the Superbowl.

Don Jones

Let’s not forget those San Diego Chargers… They just might give Peyton a run for his money.

Doug Jones

au contraire… The Titans are even MORE exciting! At the end of 3 quarters of play, they had racked up 2 (yes, TWO!) first downs! And one of those was the result of a 15 yard penalty on the Chargers. What a team!

Dennis Jones

…watching the Colts play live is a lot like watching the Colts play on the Madden Video Football Game… everything seems to work for them…

Don Jones

I think Coach Jeff may want to look into a greeter job at a local Nashville Wal-Mart. “Welcome to Wal-Mart. You may recognize me… I’m the former Titan’s coach. Enjoy your shopping experience… the milk and eggs are located about 30 yards deep, corner slant.”

Dennis Jones

HEY HEY HEY… BIG NEWS IN HUNTINGTON INDIANA… we have a brand new Walmart Super Center opening here THIS WEEK… now we have a McDonalds AND a Walmart Super Center…

…we has arrived!


I think you’re right Don – it does have that bit o’ digital look to it. What I’m wondering is how’d Dennis get that football player to sit stil long enough on a Sunday to sketch him?

Doug Jones

yeah… answer the pressing question, Den… what media is this?

Dennis Jones

…digital …definitely digital …Wopner …time for Wopner …definitely time for Wopner…

Doug Jones

digital Whoppers? Whaaaaaat?

Don Jones

Den, last week at our local Wal-Marts they had Fritos or Cheetos for a buck a bag. You many want to look for that up there at your grand Super Center Opener.

Dennis Jones

…well… you can bet I’ll be there when the doors open… and probably have orange Cheetos crumbs strung down the front of my shirt a few hours after…

Don Jones

For me it’s the orange fingertips that gives me away… and the orange ring around my mouth… not that I inhale these processed pieces of cheese flavored fabricated cardboard or anything.

Doug Jones

I believe that the correct term for the orange stuff left on your fingers is cheedle… mr trivia….

Dennis Jones

…hmm …you can learn something new every time you visit Brother Jones… it doesn’t amount to much, but it’s new…

Don Jones

That is one word I am adding to my vokabularry.

Doug Jones



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