Hockey Talk 07/24

July 24, 2006


…with your host, Dennis Jones…


…let the Water Moccasin Annihilation begin…

Last Friday night the beloved Water Moccasin Annihilation entered the hockey playoff tournament seeded as the number four team. Our first match was a tighter contest than we expected, but we were able to pull out a win in the closing minutes of the game.

The good news was that we got to advance to the next level of the playoff bracket. The bad news was that we had to play the dreaded PuckHogs who were the number one seed in the tournament. We were behind the majority of the game, but the puck bounced our way a couple of times at the end and we won the game in a sudden death overtime period.

That sent us to the championship game where we faced the number two seed of the tournament, the Puckers. This was a pretty spirited contest and by the time the first period was over several players from both teams had been thrown out of the game for fighting. That left our team with only eight players to finish the game. We played hard, (even the old guy on the team), came from behind, and then buried the Puckers in the last period, winning the game 5 to 3.

We got our championship trophy (and as all true hockey fans know), it is customary to hold the cup over your head and skate around the rink with it. Some of our players did this. I chose not to… mainly because the championship trophy was only about a foot tall… and it looked a little ridiculous skating around the rink with a toy trophy held over your head.

As I was leaving I noticed that the rink had called the police and officers were there to make sure we all went home nicely. It reminded me of the old adage, “I went to the fights last night and a hockey game broke out”.

The Comments

Don Jones

CoNgrAtUlAtionS Dennis on that fantastic Hockey ChamPioNshiP!! I was really hoping to read some details of you pounding some guy’s face with your stick or spearing or something but nevertheless… You’re a WINNEr.

Doug Jones

yeAH… and you are really STYLIN’ in that retro uniform. Say, is that some really LARGE licorice sticks on your forearms?

Dennis Jones

…well Don… there are some pretty gory details from the game… suffice it to say, it became quite a nasty affair at the end…

…the other team was quite pleased with themselves for goading one of our best players into a fight and getting him thrown out of the game… in the last period they seemed to turn their attention to me… for what reason, I have no idea… if I were them, I would be trying to keep me in the game as long as possible…

…just two of numerous incidents…

…I came flying thru the center at one point and a guy took his stick in his hands like a baseball bat and hacked me right in the chest with the blade end of his stick… I have a huge bloody bruise on my chest now where he nailed me…

…I kept clearing the cherry pickers out of the crease and one guy got so mad he hacked the back of my skates about ten times as hard as he could with his stick until he knocked my feet out from under me…

…I gave them all my best dirty look …boy, did that show them…

…it did not, however, get them to stop picking on me…

Doug Jones

“Everybody Picks on Dennis” … a new hit TV show for the fall…

Don Jones

That’s what I was looking for… details. I wanted to taste and smell the story. I’m thinkin’ you may be the Derek Sanders of this league… wasn’t he the Boston Bruin who fought everybody?


Perhaps a more genteele sport such as Bocce Ball is in order. Curious to see what you put in your sketchbook after that game.


Hello Dennis, Great hockey uniform there…the Hulls would be proud. Hey, check your JB’s email ( if it’s a separate account as I have left you a commercial inquiry that you may be interested in. Love this site, Bernard

Doug Jones

are you outta town again? or just layin’ low cause the revenuers are pokin’ around your woods…

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