Hockey Talk 06/19

June 19, 2006


…with your host, Dennis Jones…


…just your standard, old time hockey team name…

I have played hockey with the same group of guys for the last 6 or 7 years. The team finally fizzled out over this past winter. We had all been threatening to quit for a long time, but this off-season we finally did it. When this summers hockey league rolled around, I wasn’t going to play at all.

Then I got a call from a friend of my youngest son, asking if Pete and I wanted to play on their hockey team this season. I said, “sorry, but Pete is staying in Oklahoma City this summer and working.” Pete’s friend said,”would YOU like to play on our team, Mr. Jones?” I replied, “you do remember that I am like really, REALLY old don’t you?” He said, “yeh, we remember, but we would still really like for you to play with us.” So against my better judgment I went ahead and said yes.

I have played on a lot of different teams in the past with a lot of different names and was really curious as to what the moniker of this new team was going to be. Maybe a traditional animal name like Penguins, Bruins, or Sharks. Possibly more of a classic name like Wings, Blues, or Leafs. Perhaps something edgier like Avalanche, Wild, or Thrashers. Nope, none of those names for us. Our team name is Water Moccasin Annihilation.

What does this name mean? I have absolutely no idea. I’m afraid to ask. I can only assume that we really, REALLY don’t like snakes. In fact, if a water moccasin should show up at one of our games, I shudder to think of what might happen. Annihilation I suppose.

I only regret that water moccasins don’t play hockey, because if they did there is no doubt in my mind that we would probably annihilate them. Unless, of course, I’m playing defense…

…because if I’m playing defense…

…the snakes just might have a chance.

The Comments

Don Jone

Can’t wait to hear the detailed updates on the Mocs season… Have you managed to pull your other hamstring yet?

Doug Jones

For added excitement, you should play Roethlisberger style… without pads or helmet… Imagine the stories you would have to tell… if you survived…

Dennis Jones

…well, for me, it’s all about the weird stories that surround my hockey games… because I don’t seem to be displaying a whole lot of hockey ability that I can talk about these days…

Don Jones

Behind the scenes stories are the best… give us some locker room gossip too.

Dennis Jones

…I did end up in the penalty box for two minutes in last fridays game… I’m not sure what I got called for… I did hit a guy pretty hard right in front of a referee… he might have dropped the “attempt to terminate with extreme prejudice” call on me…

Doug Jones

so when is the BrotherJones full contact Bocce Ball game? …this summer sometime?

Dennis Jones

…sometime in July I believe… don’t forget to bring your hockey sticks to launch the bocce balls with…

Don Jones

I need to get over to Army Surplus and pick up a helmet and some protection gear.

Dennis Jones

…I’m wearing my Huntington Deep Gourdsman Warriors helmet for the Annual Brother Jones Full Contact Bocce Ball Tournament… you Don will (no doubt) be wearing your Phightin’ Phlegm Phootball helmet… Doug will probably just want to wear his traditional folded newspaper hat to play in again this year…

Doug Jones

I have a feeling that this year I need to add an extra layer of newsprint… and a chin strap

Dennis Jones

…better start practicing your origami…

Don Jones

Enjoyed the Stanley Cup championship game last night. Those hockey players are rugged lookin’.

Doug Jones

hockey? …there was a hockey game last night??

Don Jones

Championship of the WORLD…


Dennis good to hear that you are still in ‘good’ physical condition. By the way, the room than you and Lynn built at Table Rock is still standing and doing well. Thought you would like to know.

Dennis Jones

…that the room Lynn and I built on Table Rock Lake is still standing could quite possibly be the most shocking thing I have read on Brother Jones to date…

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