Plane Air Paint Team

June 22, 2006


…Brother Doug’s team, ready for action…

Brother Doug has finally pulled together his extreme plane air paint squad to compete in this seasons extreme plane air painting league. It is a very competitive team and Doug hopes to bring the championship trophy back home to Nashville this year.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I hope we can beat our rivals this year… the Cabool Plain Cow painters. Last year, you remember, they beat us with a hat trick. They stole our hats… we sunburned our noggins and had to quit

Dennis Jones

…yeh …I wish you would quit bringing that up in your pre-game pep talks…

Don Jones

From the looks of this promotional poster, I have the Ozark’s Jethro Bodene fashion flair goin’ on.

Dennis Jones

…the nice thing about this league is that you can wear basically anything you want… as long as there is a team logo on your chest…

Doug Jones

of course it really doesn’t matter what you wear… a few minutes after the opening kickoff, you are covered with paint…

Dennis Jones

…I can hardly wait to use the official Brother Jones top secret weapon this season… paint ball guns! …the competition will never know what hit ‘em…

Doug Jones

are you shootin’ Alizarin this year or Ultramarine blue?

Dennis Jones

…sardine green…

Don Jones

I’m gonna be packing about a gallon of Holbein Gouache Pearl Gold for the festivities.

Doug Jones

wow… gouache…. that’s playin’ DIRTY! …I love it!

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