4 8 15 16 23 42

May 17, 2006


The Comments


I’m standing. Now what do I do?

Doug Jones

Have a seat, Roballoo…. let me interpret this for you. The numbers mean that Dennis is LOST… but we knew that, right? The test pattern means Denny is on vacation. Stay tuned…..

Don Jones

I have a feeling this is going to be one long and extended coffee break for Den.

Doug Jones

you betchum, Red Ryder!

Don Jones

I believe he is participating in the Romanian version of the Amazing Race.


I guess this is a Missouri version of a TV stand By? definitely more elaborate than the ones we used to see on the old B&W here in the east. You guys must have gotten them more often?


Hmmm… Those look like crop circles. Maybe he was abducted?

Doug Jones

… it was the OTHERS…

Don Jones

I wonder if Big Chief is still producing writing tablets? I’m impressed that he some how got this “Stand By” endorsement deal.


C’mon everybody now… When the night has come- And the land is dark- And the moon is the only light we’ll see- No I won’t be afraid- no I won’t be afraid- Just as long as you stand- stand by me..”


Or…Stand By Your Man, dunt, dun-na. Give him two hands to hold on…………..

Don Jones

I’ve been checking the live webcam from Romania and still no sign of Dennis. Hope he hasn’t lost his passport.

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