A Brand New Set Of Peepers

March 29, 2006


…my cool new shades…

I haven’t been participating around here much lately. Last week I was in California and this week I had Lasik eye surgery done. I found it somewhat difficult to type up comments with both eyes taped shut, so I haven’t been doing a lot of that.

My youngest son, Pete, did make it into the Final Four Battle Of The Bands thing so I am headed down to watch him this weekend. Needless to say I am backed up with work right now, deadlines are looming large and I don’t have a lot of time to play on Brother Jones this week, but I’m trying to get something together for next week that I think will be really fun.

The Comments

Bucky Jones

Dennis, I hope the Lasek eye surgery went well and was a success. Good luck with the deadlines and I look forward to what you’ll have to share next week. Take care.

Doug Jones

What a photo, Denny… say didn’t I see you in the Matrix?

Don Jones

This must be the Brother Jones Vision Tweekin’ Week. Keeg and I stopped in for what turned out to be about a 2 hour eye exam yesterday. Keeg was hanging in there at 20/20 whereas I have managed to lose a little distance in my right eye and I now officially am in need of some reading glasses. The good doctor had a new digital eye camera that he TRIED OUT on me and almost blinded me. He printed a picture out (which I have already lost) of my 14 year-old RK cuts in my eyes. He informed me that he recently had Lasik too … the new and improved vision enhancing procedure. Once again, I am glad to know I was once on the “cutting edge” of improved vision procedures but now I am sportin’ just old, retro style cut-up pupils. Dennis, stop by and pick me up on your way to Oklahoma. Between our two sets of eyes we should be able to navigate our way westward on I-44.

Nick Jones Everybody

you look so hardcore in that picture. You’re gonna look like a heavy metal bouncer at the show this weekend….

Don Jones

Do you now have a “Mother” tattoo and a wallet chained to your pants?

Dennis Jones

…I’m gonna wear my new sunglasses and my tightest black t-shirt… I took the chain off my bike and hooked it to my billfold and just finished inking up both arms with a full sleeve of tattoos with my blue and red sharpies… I’m ready for the show!

Don Jones

Don’t forget your Monday Night Football boxers and Cousin Eddie hat and you’ll be set.

Doug Jones

so what was the Lasik for? Do you still have x-ray vision?… that comes in so handy…


Hey you look like me…………Deal….or no Deal.

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