Fake Fur

April 17, 2006


…staying awake for football…

As some of you may recall, I recently cleaned up my studio, and one of the things I found in it was a piece of fake fur.

I was originally going to attach the fake fur to my hockey goaltenders helmet and strike fear into the hearts of oncoming skaters. This, (of course), was faulty thinking on my part. If you know anything about hockey at all, you know that the only thing a furry goaltenders helmet would do to an opposing player is give him a target to shoot for. A furry goaltenders helmet would also be, (no doubt), very, very hot. So the furry goaltenders helmet idea was scrapped before it was even started and the fur got tossed into a corner in my studio.

Some of you may also remember that in a futile attempt to stay awake all the way to the end of Monday Night Football games this year I took up sewing. I grabbed the fur one night and this bear ended up being the last of my attempts to not fall asleep during a late night NFL game.

Epilogue: Fur once meant to strike terror into the hearts of enemies is now used to bring joy and goodwill to all mankind.

The Comments

Don Jones

If I remember right you had a hard time staying awake because of the crazy, multifaceted Indiana time zones that put the MNF game starting at 2 a.m. or something. Didn’t your Hoosier representatives get a new Daylight savings time issue voted in?

Dennis Jones

…yes, Don, we sure did… Indiana is now officially part of the Eastern Time Zone… except for the parts that are not… they are on Central Time… unfortunately, I am in the part of the state on Eastern time… so a Monday Night Football game starts at 9:00 for me and ends around midnight… I cant even make it thru the second quarter without falling fast asleep…

Doug Jones

SocMo would like to know if BearMo could come over for a play date. They could have a honey ‘n’ tea party! … SocMo is envious of that navel… his is missing you know…

Dennis Jones

…Socmo has too much attitude to hang out with this goody two shoes…

Fan of North (Rock?)

Hey, would you please send the info on how to listen to Pete Jones’ music via the pure volume site? We can get to the pure volume page, but can’t find him or his band on a search… Help, from Europe…

Don Jones

North is bringing fans in from the ends of the earth. I downloaded their two tunes from PureVolume and now have them loaded up for heavy rotation this week.


I think a fur hockey mask could be intimidating but you would need to leave the rest of the animal it came from intact just hanging off the side.

Dennis Jones

…Jeff, I was also going to add horns to my furry goaltenders helmet, but I could not figure out a way to make them withstand a 90 mph slap shot…

Dennis Jones

Here’s a link to NorthRock on Pure Volume.


Wowo. I’m impressed. Does this mean you are going to switch your illustration style to 3d now?

Dennis Jones

…3d …4d …whatever it takes…

Don Jones

Nothing like kicking off a vacation week with a moving violation. What’s wrong with rolling through a STOP sign?

Dennis Jones

….yyaAAaahhh… you got a ticket for that? I thought it was ok to do that… at least in Missouri… in the Ozarks…

Don Jones

Yep, sure did. One nice yellow ticket on my way back from Wal-Mart. That was one expensive little trip for Cheeze-Its. I need to find myself a good lawyer and fight this thing all the way TO THE SUPREME COURT!!! My rights have been violated. ( I was turning right.)


Just tell the officer, you are a civilian watch dog and you were just checking up on his work ethic.. That did not work for me in Texas but just maybe??

Don Jones

“But officer… as I rounded the corner on two wheels… the other two wheels stopped.”

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