It’s All Over… For Now…

May 5, 2006


The bluntness of garish and unsubtle color…


…with the excruciating inability to execute fine detail.

Yes, my mini excursion into the world of computer generated artwork has now officially come to an end. I took the borrowed Wacom Tablet back to my friends house this week. These four images are pretty much the only things I have to show for my little venture into the unknown.

For me, painting on the computer with the Wacom felt a lot like painting on a piece of glass with a blunt stick… not very subtle. I dont know how people do fine detail this way. The whole experience really just made me appreciate the qualities of traditional painting that much more…

…so it’s back to paint in little metal tubes, squirrel hair tied to the end of a stick, and water for me… for now.

The Comments

Bucky Jones

Good for you, Dennis! More power to you!


Well…hope you’ll give it a try in the near future. It takes some time getting used to 🙂 But you don’t really need to go that route. You’re a master at what you do and if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Love those digital paintings by the way. Cheers H


Dennis, I guess misery loves company because I’m nearly in the same exact place as you with the computer. Only difference is I gave up on all the detail a few years back and settled for changing my art to match my software, ram and computer knowledge. Now, as I’m trying to go back to the heavy detail I once did by hand I’m still wackin’ it out with a wacom but don’t know if I want to stick it out or do what you just did…it’s a cross between the old dog and the old tricks. enjoy your sharing this with us though!

Don Jones

I think your customer friendly relationship and purchasing program with Cheap Joe’s would suffer if you continued on in the Wacom direction.

Doug Jones

yeah… Cheap Joe has probably dispatched a couple of guys to Huntington to have a “friendly little talk” with you, Den… beware of concrete shoes

Don Jones

Watch those knee caps too. Better yet, just leave town for a few days. Get on that mower and scram!

Dennis Jones

…if I’m going to make it down to the big Keeg-o-rama Shin-Dig next weekend I better get the riding lawn mower tuned up and be hitting the road on Monday…

Don Jones

Don’t forget to check the SLICK 50 level and over pressure the tires for the ultimate in gas mileage acquisition.

Doug Jones

These actually look pretty good. I’m impressed. I think the key to detail may be in resolution. If you have a very high res file you can zoom in and work pixel by pixel if you want.

Don Jones

The key to detail is LASIK.

Dennis Jones

…one thing I am really curious about in this whole computer vs. traditional painting deal is… supposedly, the big plus for computer generated artwork is that it is SO fast… what exactly is SO fast? (this is a serious question, by the way)… what kind of time does it take for someone to generate a piece of “arty” looking artwork on a computer?


Dennis, I would say that IT ( most artwork ) is done much faster on the computer than by hand ( for 97.5% ) of the professional artists out there. The problem lies with that 2.5% of the artists whose work is way up there at your level…and with the detail your generating. I think the mouse swings back in your favor ( time wise ) to do it by hand when the detail that you throw down comes into play.


Part 2: I’ve been kicking myself for years for not drawing/painting my work on a Mac (practically hiding from all the MacAddicts out there) and trying harder to get the same detail as my paintings. But after spending a little time at your site I’m actually feeling better about both mediums and last night (for the first time in years) I actually walked into a art store and started looking into buying paint supplies again and considering a dual existence between the two. Sorry, Doug & Don I know this is a funny blog and you all are a riot but sometimes we need a good cry in our brush cleaner.  😦   Sike! 🙂

Dennis Jones

…well, I don’t have an axe to grind here one way or the other… I am just real curious as to how people do the detailed “arty” stuff with a computer… a typical job for me is to illustrate a portion of a story or article… last week I did one that had a U-Haul truck, 4 other cars, people showing in all the cars and a guy on a bike… I have no idea how I would have even attempted something like that on a computer… or how long it would have taken if I did… I just don’t see how I could ever use a computer on an actual job to do illustration…

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