Mr. Safety

June 1, 2006


…the same old “something bouncing off head” idea…


…the same old “carrying something too heavy” idea…


…the same old “oops, the crane gotcha” idea…

I came across one of the very first “professional” jobs that I ever did the other day. It was a little safety booklet for an electrical cooperative. There was no date on it, but I must have done it sometime in the late 70’s.

Growing up, I was the kid in the family that slammed his arm through a glass window and had to have it sewn back on, (minus that major vein in the center)… was throwing rocks at the creek with friends and took one in the head, (lots of stitches)… made an outstanding leap to catch a whiffle ball but landed on a shard of tin sticking out of the ground and almost cut my arm off… again, (had it and the muscle sewn back together)… was not paying attention and ran over a car on my motorcycle, (leg broken in three places, fractured knee and ankle, leg bone jammed up through the hip socket). And these were just my “major” accidents…

…so it must be somewhat of an oddity to my brothers and sisters that I have been doing safety posters on and off now for the past thirty years.

It also seems that I haven’t had an original idea in the past thirty years either, as shown in the side by side comparisons above. I guess I am doing the same old thing year after year. None the less, I would appreciate it if you would refer to me on this particular blog page entry as… Mr. Safety.

(you can see more of my Osha Safety Posters HERE)

The Comments

Don Jones

Mr. Safetee …Nice to see you survived your extended vacation. With all your ongoing accidents, at least you meet your deductable each and every year.

Dan Lietha

Mr. Safetee… You’ve evolved your intelligent designs into quite the wonderful creations! Very good! 🙂

Dennis Jones

…I did have a pretty humble start into the world of illustration as my first safety booklet artwork clearly shows…

Don Jones

Dennis, don’t sell yourself short there those were top-knotch drawings in their day.


I agree, and besides not every customer can afford the four color process print job that it would take to capture your beautiful color renderings so many times Black & Whites work out just fine.


Hey Mr. Safe Tea ~ George Herriman of Krazy Kat fame basically did the same joke of mouse, throwing brick at kat for over 30 years. I’d say you’re in good company! Picasso had his blue period you have your safety period.

Doug Jones

Den… buy a new camera, take some random pictures, then write some unrelated copy and post it. It’s the bomb!

Dennis Jones

OK!…I’ll be right back with something!…

Don Jones

Come on now … It may be a tad disjointed but at least it’s new stuff to look at. Like Donald Fagan of Steely Dan said, “the lyrics don’t really matter.”

Don Jones

Come on now … It may be a tad disjointed but at least it’s new stuff to look at. Like Donald Fagan of Steely Dan said, “the lyrics don’t really matter.”

Don Jones

My double vision is back…

Doug Jones

right you are, Don! I was just passing along the vision to Den… different is good. anything will do….

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