Official Draft Day Report Card

May 1, 2006


…2004 Draft Day Bust Ben Roethlisberger…

Every year I enjoy listening to the “experts” predict what players will be drafted by different NFL teams. It’s fun on draft day to listen to these same “experts” analyze why the NFL teams took different players than the ones they said they would.

What I find most interesting is seeing the “experts” post report cards afterwards on how the draft went. They give each team a letter grade on how well they drafted. I suppose this letter grade is contingent on how closely the team picked in relation to the “experts” predictions for them.

Well, not to be outdone, I now give you the Official Brother Jones Report Card grade… B- …maybe a C+…

..I base this grade on absolutely nothing…

…just like the “experts”.

The Comments

Don Jones

The NFL excitement was in the air on Saturday. I tuned in to my five local antennae stations but no DRAFT DAY coverage. I give the K.C. Chiefs a solid B for going out and rounding up some DE by the name of Tamba Hali. I like the name and believe this boy can play.

Dennis Jones

I’ll have to give Tamba Hali a B+ for being drafted… but I am afraid I will have to give him a D- for having a hard name for me to pronounce…

I also give Dons comment a C+…

…and Doug a D- just for fun…

Don Jones

Doug’s D- is for desertion. He’s been a no-show since last Friday. I give you an “R” for this awesome Rothslithburger drawing.

Dennis Jones

…well …sorry to say, Don, I have to give you a D- for not being able to spell Roethlisberger… but I give Roethlisberger an F for having an impossible name to spell…

Doug Jones

D- Doug reporting in…. The Teen Titans and all of Nashville seem to be THRILLED with their new draft pick, Vince Young. Word on the street is McNair is trying to get a deal with the Ravens… it’s a weird world…

Doug Jones

I’m boycotting BrotherJones today to support my fellow Hickspanics.

Dennis Jones

…oh, I see… you walked off the Brother Jones job site today… I’m afraid I’m going to have to change your grade from a D- to an F for that… sorry…

Doug Jones

F? …. F? …. that’s Fantastic!

Don Jones

I was thinking Vince Young used to be in Pure Prairie League and married Amy Grant a few years back. Now he’s been drafted!!??? I give him a grade of V for versatile. Had dinner with Michael Card last night… O.K. I was just in the back of the room and saw him at a distance. I did get a door prize of his new C.D.


The stunned look on the player’s face looks like he was hit in the helmet with a football.


Michael Card ~ He’s a talented little chap. Recently, I wrote some new words to his song “So little time…” Whole lotta food. So little time. It’s a church potluck, and there’s a long line.

Don Jones

I’m sure if Michael heard this rendition he would incorporate it in his concerts I give this comment a strong B+…

Dennis Jones

…I think that lyric would have worked much better if it were switched around…

It’s a church potluck, and there’s a long line…
Whole lotta food, so little time…

…so I am going to have to grade him down a bit for that… B-

Don Jones

Second verse… I know it’s wrong, and certainly a sin- But Uncle Roy’s up front, So I’m cuttin’ in.


Good one. maybe Mr. card will hire us to work on his next album!


Hey guys, What a cool site… I give myself a D- for not being named Jones but I love football almost as much as Dennis’ art! How much to buy a Big Ben Parody design for our T-Shirt store?

Doug Jones

Darn!!! what’s going on with LOST? I am still in shock over last nights episode!

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