Spring House Cleaning

March 30, 2006


…a brand spankin’ new monkey to look at…

For the last year I have thrown things randomly into my Brother Jones Portfolio Section. I had color art in one place and sketches to that same art somewhere else. Last night while I was waiting for Lost to come on TV I went in and consolidated a lot of this mess. You might just find a couple of new things in there if you look hard enough.

The Comments

Don Jones

Good looking minkey I take it you are beyond a seeing eye dog and white cane…

Dennis Jones

…since my Lasik eye surgery I can’t see well enough to do my tight little cartoon drawings… this is all I can do now…

Don Jones

Well known artists always go through certain “periods” during their career: (i.e. blue period) Den, you have entered your Lasik period… characterized by everything being really big, splattered, loose…


digitally painted?


Your lasik adventure reminds me of Monet…I went to an exhbit of his water lilie paintings a few years back and found out that as he got older his paintings lost more of their detail and became looser, more abstract. One day he had surgery on his eyes and lo and behold the detail in his art came back. Nice painting of the simian. I liked the splotches on the right side. a nice little touch.

Don Jones

Dennis where R u? This monkey is getting older by the monet.

Doug Jones

Denny is doing his famous “post and run” thing

Don Jones

Better than him doing his “postal” thing. Does he own any firearms?

Dennis Jones

…yes Doug, I am like the traveling evangelist that has three fiery sermons and a fast car… speaking of which, I hafta run again now, but I will come back and play tomorrow… probably…

Doug Jones

don’t forget to collect that big LOVE offering before you skip town, Rev…



Below are the pictures that were in my PORTFOLIO SECTION that I mentioned in my post above.


2006_03_29_1a%20EarGirl2006_03_29_1b%20Cigar 2006_03_29_3b%20RainDance2006_03_29_1c%20CaptainAmerica2006_03_29_3c%20Footprints2006_03_29_3a%20Bombers2006_03_29_2c%20Faramir2006_03_29_2a%20Modano2006_03_29_2b%20Alternative

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