USA Today

April 7, 2006


…from the newspaper, to my watercolor sketchbook…

Some people enjoy going outside into nature to become inspired to create art. My experience with that has been that nature is full of biting bugs and is frequently very hot. I have found it much more enjoyable to be inspired from inside the comfort of my own house, in a climate controlled environment, sipping a favorite beverage, and looking at my USA Today.

The Comments

Don Jones

I too was reading the old USA Today… today and realized that the NFL has an interchangeable game deal going in the latter part of the 2006 season. Apparently NBC can pick and choose a few of the games they broadcast on Sunday evening. I was disappointed to see that the NFL channel is getting into game broadcasts. In fact, the Chiefs play on Thanksgiving night ON CABLE. Dennis… reserve my seat now in your living room. Karen… weigh up some snacks for the game. Thanks.

Doug Jones

needs more scowl… This guy has the best scowl in the NFL

Don Jones

I would have to DISAGREE there with you Douger… I believe Jon Gruden has the ultimate scowl goin’ on. Coach Cowher has the best JAWLINE in the NFL. I would like some additional comments from others on this heated little debate.

Dennis Jones

…when Marty Schottenheimer coached the Browns he had to decide whether to keep Bill Cowher as a linebacker or Sam Mills… he kept Cowher… Mills went on to become a pro-bowler for New Orleans… Cowher went on to coach with Marty… Schottenheimer said he traded the best player, but kept the best coach…

Don Jones

That’s good info there Den. But where exactly does Marty fit into the picture? Seems Lamar gave him the boot from the Chiefs… and he couldn’t quite cut it with the Redskins. He may be the best TRAVELED coach in the league.


It’s still Hockey season ‘aint” it? Try Ty Domi he has an all star mug..

Dennis Jones

…Hey… I think you’re right… since the NHL moved from ESPN to OLN I never see it anymore… I kinda forgot they were even still playing… it’s probably almost time for the playoffs, isn’t it?…


Not for the STARS….ha!

Dennis Jones

…are you still a Rangers fan? …they are having a surprisingly good season this year…


I am on a self imposed black out.. N.H.L. players had no problem leaving the fans hanging for a season so I am leaving them for a season. I am sure they will survive the financial blow I have dealt them..But the sting from my action will last at least a day or two.. “evil laugh”

Dennis Jones

…I’m with you, Jeff… now that there are two of us on self-imposed NHL blackouts, I doubt whether the NHL will be able to recover as quickly from the crushing financial blow we have dealt them together… SOLIDARITY…


I tried the hate mail thing but when you start with “you guys stink” they usually don’t respond..


Dennis & Jeff, Make that 2.5 of us on the NHL blackout list. I say .5 because with Sid the Kid in pittsburgh I’m entitled to at least his games. Besides my son would kill me if I didn’t follow his new favorite player. As for Cower, sorry Don, but it’s a triple threat…Jawline, Spitter and Scowl.

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