The Joy Of Painting Episode 4

March 16, 2006


…with your very worried host, Dennis Jones…


…picture one… …picture two…


…picture three… …picture four…

To recap yesterdays exciting episode; …after a brief struggle in the painting process I finish the artwork and scan it into my computer.

Inside Photoshop I clean out the “window” area, open up the digital file of the photograph and insert it. The photograph is smaller than my window (picture 1) but this should not be a problem. I have used the color copy the client sent of the photograph and built the artwork directly on top of it, so I know proportionally everything is going to line up. All I have to do is enlarge the photograph.

I enlarge the photograph (picture 2) but things do not fall into place. I sit and look at the computer screen with my mouth open. This is not a good thing. What is going on here? I try stretching the picture down (picture 3) but this hides key elements of the photograph and the white icecaps at the bottom of the photograph do not work at all with the artwork. I try a total distortion in a last ditch effort to force things to work (picture 4) but this makes Europe huge, North America narrow, and Australia disappears. I dont think my client will go for that.

Something has gone terribly wrong. I grab the color copy of the photograph, put it under my artwork, throw it on the light table and look at it again. Everything lines up and is in perfect place. So how come it doesnt work in… oh… I know now… the color copy they sent is not the same size as the digital file they sent me to work with. Copy machines are notorious for either stretching or condensing an image as they print, and that is what has happened here. My artwork is in the wrong place because the color copy was not accurate. I have diagnosed the problem, but not a solution.

Will I be able to pull a rabbit out of my hat on this one or will it be back to the drawing board for a second try on this? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of The Joy Of Painting!

The Comments

Dan Lietha

and after the robot was chosen OVER the space monkey, it’s a machine that betrays you. You should’ve went with the space monkey after all!
Evil machines … Speaking of machines, what specific scanner do you use? I’m surprized nobody has asked that question yet … but it was coming!

Bucky Jones

Dennis, maybe you covered this already, but what is the final size of your painting, and is there a typical scale you work regarding proportions of actual to printed piece?

Dennis Jones

Dan… I agree with you… this could probably all have been avoided if we had just stuck with the space monkeys… I use the cheapest large format scanner on the market… the Mustek A3 USB…

Dennis Jones

Bucky… this poster was 17 by 22 and I usually work projects to size…

Thomas M.

From these images, it looks as though our fearless space travelers are approaching the earth too fast – almost warp speed!! Sweet Man ‘O La Mancha!!  However, they do keep a smile on their face, knowing full well that Dennis, their mission commander, will come through with the right instructions. Softly, the others in the Space Center Control Room begin their chant…DJ! DJ! DJ! DJ! DJ!

Don Jones

This Paintin’ Series has more twist and turns than an episode of LOST! For some reason I read your scanner to be a Musket A3… now that’s old. The Paul Revere patriot model no doubt. My solution to the proportion situation would be to COMMAND-T that bugger and morph it into submission.


wow dennis


Can you scan in the color copy and use that? Or isn’t the color copy very good?

Dennis Jones

…well, when they pay $800.00 for a photograph, I’m pretty sure they want to use the photograph and not a color copy…

…what I really like about your comment, Megan, is that it makes it sound like I am working on this project right now in real time… just like on 24…

Doug Jones

quick… back to your sealed bathroom, Dennis!

Dennis Jones

…yaAAaa …tripped over Edgar…

Doug Jones

Hey… tomorrow I think you should let everyone know how long the painting and adding photo actually took in real time. They will probably be amazed!

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