A Little Demo

March 8, 2006


…rough …pencil …blocked in …hair


…shirt …face …detail …photoshop

I was finishing up a job yesterday and part of it called for a tiny spot illustration to be attached to the title. I scanned it along the way for this little demo.

I do a quick pencil rough and (if it has a good feel to it) that is what I use. Taping the rough to the back of a 140 lbs piece of Winsor-Newton hot press watercolor paper I redraw it to the papers surface using a light table. I then block in the color using Winsor-Newton gouache, define the different elements with paint, scan the finished art into photoshop, add whatever needs to be added there, burn the finished product onto a cd and ship the cd to my client. Done.

I am still pretty much all old school all the time… with a little high tech sprinkled in at the end.

The Comments

Don Jones

Dennis, this is one top-knotch Illustratin’ post. You are on a roll! But, make sure it’s not a CINNAMON roll.

Thomas M.

Thanks for the step, by step process … (now making it into a flip book … sweeeeeet)… So, from the way you described this, it sounds like it took you, what, 20 minutes – including writing up the blog entry? (sobbing) … Why do I punish myself coming here … (after a 20 minute recovery period) … Due to lack of room, I’ve had to go pretty much “new school” A pencil, sketchbook, scanner, and Painter/Photoshop … Oh, and a computer … I’m still trying to get a good feel to getting digital watercolor down, but you keep me wanting to improve my skills. (starts sobbing again)…

Don Jones

BrotherJones.com Punishment is Our Priority. Always.

Dennis Jones

…Tony Couch says painters can be divided into two groups… those who HAVE BEEN discouraged and those who WILL BE discouraged… nothing wrong with discouragement; that’s a part of the game… the crime lies in quitting because of it…

Paul Taylor

Great demo Dennis. Have you ever done the Beatles ala the “Flower Power Era”? Anxiously awaiting your next treat! Coo-coo-ka-chu, the Walrus

Dennis Jones

…well now I’m really confused… if you are the walrus, who is Paul?… I thought I had that thing all figured out but now I’m not sure what’s going on…

Bucky Jones

All right!!! Another great step by step! Much appreciated and admired, Dennis. Thanks.

Dennis Jones

…Buckey Jones… or is it really the EGGMEN… goo goo gjoob… ggoo goo gjoob


Really nice, thanks for sharing. Go, Old School!

Doug Jones

so what happens when you get to the photoshop stage? do you put the image on top of the circle and erase what overlaps?


Dennis, Great stuff! Old school still rocks! Quick sketch and a bill for high dollars is the best!

Don Jones

I like the way Jeff thinks.


Dennis, What colors do you mix to get your flesh tones? Oh, and by the way how is the food scale working out?

Dennis Jones

…the food scale …hmm …well …I have learned potato chips are really, really light …a spiral cut 10 pound ham weighs about 10 pounds …and that if you put a 10 pound spiral cut ham onto the brand new food scale you are probably going to get yelled at…

Dennis Jones

…my flesh tones are pretty much just a mix of Naples Yellow and Burnt Sienna…

grant brown

cool stuff. would love to see a series of how to by you.

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